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Amit Bhattacharya named senior member to NAI

Both researchers have made significant contributions to their fields. Qi discovered a combination of a lysosomal protein, saposin C (SapC), and a phospholipid that, assembled into tiny cavities, or nanovesicles, has been found to kill many forms of cancer while leaving healthy cells unaffected. The molecule was licensed to Bexion Pharmaceuticals in 2006 and turned into a drug called BXQ-350 which is now in clinical trials.

Bhattacharya’s research relates to the prediction of slips and falls in the workplace, countermeasures for cardiovascular deconditioning from weightlessness, heat stress and postural imbalance using wearable and ingestible sensors. His more recent research focuses on gene-environment interaction and its impact on the human neuromuscular system and preclinical and noninvasive detection of bone fragility associated with chronic exposure to environmental toxins.

William Heineman, PhD, professor emeritus in the Department of Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences, also was named a senior member this year.

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