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UC Physicians

University of Cincinnati Physicians, Inc. (UCP) serves as the faculty practice plan for the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine (CoM).  UCP is a separate Ohio nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation and the CoM utilizes UCP to further its missions of education, research and patient care. All clinical faculty, staff physicians and other non-physician clinicians employed by the CoM, practice medicine within their specialty through UCP.

The faculty practice plan traces its roots to 1987 when the group practices at the University of Cincinnati began to operate under a common administration and became known as the University of Cincinnati Medical Associates (UCMA). In 1998, UCMA integrated into a singular faculty practice plan that was consolidated under the CoM and was renamed UCP.  In 2009, the University of Cincinnati formed UC Health, an Ohio nonprofit limited liability company (LLC). UC Health includes the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, West Chester Hospital, the Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care and the University of Cincinnati Physicians Company. UCP carries out its direct day-to-day clinical activities through UC Health and leases its clinical providers to UC Health through the University of Cincinnati Physicians Company.

Together, UC Health, UCP and the CoM make up the academic medical center affiliated with the University of Cincinnati. These entities work together to support the tripartite missions of clinical care, research and education for the University of Cincinnati.

UC Physicians Leadership


Andrew Filak Jr. , MD

President and Chair

CARE/Crawley Building, Suite E-870


Archdeacon photo

Michael Archdeacon, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Medical Sciences Building


Lori Mackey

Lori Mackey

Chief Operating Officer

3230 Eden Avenue

CARE/Crawley Suite E-870


Neil Holsing

Neil Holsing

Vice President, Operations

CARE/Crawley Building, Suite E-870


Amy Dorrington Photo

Amy Dorrington, RN, BSN, MSHI

Director of Clinical Performance Improvement

260 Stetson Street, Suite 4200


Holleran Erin

Erin Holleran

Program Director

CARE/Crawley Building, Suite E-870


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Office of Operations and Administration
CARE/Crawley Building
Suite E-870
3230 Eden Avenue
PO BOX 670555
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0555

Mail Location: 0555
Phone: 513-558-2485
FAX: 513-558-4408