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Diversity / Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

The following are just a sampling of what students think of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Marcus Germany

Marcus Germany, MD

Class of 2017

Being a student at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine is a true honor and privilege. This institution is known for producing high-quality physicians, and I look forward to joining the prestigious fraternity of alumni. The effort that the college makes toward enrolling and retaining students of diversity is superior to many of the other medical schools that I considered. In fact, the work of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion sealed the deal for me to attend the UC College of Medicine as the entire staff is welcoming and personable, offering support and encouragement whenever I need it. All students should considering attending the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, especially those of diverse backgrounds!

Nancy BoulosNancy Boulos, MD 

Class of 2019

The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine is renowned for its academics. Nonetheless, one of the factors that solidified by decision to attend UCCOM was the support offered to us by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, which really made UCCOM stand out to me. We have the support of ODI in everything we do. It is like having a second family within our larger UCCOM family.


Derek Kwakye

Derek Kwakye

MD Candidate Class of 2020

The University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine has cultivated a culture of producing not only excellent physicians but empathetic people who care for everyone that they come across.The Office of Diversity and Inclusion staff go to great lengths to make sure that students underrepresented in medicine not only feel welcome but are successful during their time at UC. They provide constant support for students and continually work to improve diversity and cultural competency at the College of Medicine. Attending medical school is a decision that is life-changing and can appear daunting. Knowing that UC has faculty and staff like the Office of Diversity and Inclusion lets me know that Cincinnati was the right choice for me.

Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie Thomas

MD Candidate Class of 2020

UCCOM was always been pretty high on my list of schools, but it was when I met the Office of Diversity and Inclusion staff on my interview day that I realized that UCCOM had everything I could want in a school. Their enthusiasm, kindness, and general interesting in getting to know their students was palpable from the moment I met them and has continued on well after matriculation. The level of support that ODI and the UCCOM staff provide for their students is something that no other program I looked at could come close to. I’m proud to call myself a MedCat and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion here at UCCOM played a significant role in making that happen.


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