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Center for Biostatical Services

The Center for Biostatistical Services (CBS) is a core unit of the University of Cincinnati (UC), College of Medicine (COM) and administratively housed in the Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences (DEPHS).

The mission of this center is to promote research activities of grant application and manuscript submission by providing different levels of support and collaboration in statistics and bioinformatics in the COM, In addition, services will be provided to researchers in other colleges of UC community as well as in other institutions not affiliated to UC.

The CBS has been in existence since 1998. It currently has 10 faculty-level members of biostatistics and bioinformatics who can provide comprehensive statistics support including study design, statistical methodology and analytical plans, data analysis and computation, sample size and power justification, and interpretation of results and findings. Experienced bioinformatics faculty will also provide support in bioinformatics including gene expression analysis, genome and transcriptome annotation, genotyping by sequencing (GBS), image and quantification analyses, next-generation sequence assembly and mapping, and pathway/gene ontology analysis. All of the faculty members are experienced in developing statistics and bioinformatics plans and conducting power analysis for grant proposals. In most cases, the faculty member in the unit will continue to serve as the co-investigator / statistician or bioinformatician in the grant once it is funded. Our faculty members are also experienced in manuscript preparation, submission, revision and resubmission through their services and collaborations as a co-author.

The CBS has over 10 PhD level students and 30 master level students in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics who are capable of conducting statistical analysis and computation under supervision of a faculty member. 

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