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Engaging In Innovative Biomedical Research, Educating the Next Generation


Welcome to the Department of Pharmacology and Systems Physiology (PSP). Our goal is to advance the fields of basic and applied physiology and pharmacology by engaging in innovative biomedical research. We provide our students with a challenging and supportive environment to pursue academic and professional careers in the biomedical sciences.

Physiologists and pharmacologists alike are curious about the ability of molecules to contribute to cell function, the ability of cells to contribute to tissue function, the ability of tissues to affect organismal function, and ultimately the effects that therapeutic agents have on these systems. Physiology is the science that integrates simple mechanisms into complex systems, and pharmacology uses this knowledge to support the development of the next generation of therapeutic agents.

PSP Happenings

Katherine McMurray, PhD - Post-Doctoral Fellow receives 1st place prize

April 12 2022 - Dr. Katherine McMurray, in Dr. Renu Sah's lab, has received Post-Doctoral 1st place prize at the UCGNI/NRC Research Day for “The Subfornical Organ Regulates Fears Relevant to PSTD Via Projections to Prefrontal Cortex”.

Justin Bollinger, PhD - Post-Doctoral Fellow receives 2nd place prize

April 12, 2022 - Dr. Justin Bollinger, in Dr. Eric Wohleb's lab, has received the Post-Doctoral Fellow 2nd place prize at the UCGNI/NRC Research Day for “Repeated DREADD-induced Activation of Prefrontal Cortex Neurons Shifts Microglial Phenotype and Disrupts Cognitive-behavioral Function”.

SBP Student receives Honorable Mention

April 1, 2022 - Tasnim Olatoke, BS in Dr. Jane Yu's lab,  has received an honorable mention at the UC Internal Medicine Research Symposium for her poster  “Pre-B-cell leukemia homeobox 1 (PBX1) promotes survival and lung colonization of TSC2-null cells in lymphangioleiomyomatosis”.

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