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Czyzyk-Krzeska Laboratory

Most Recent Publications

  • Bischoff ME, Zang Y, Chou, Johnson, Price AD, Ehmer, B, Talbot NJ, Guan JL, Plas DR, Meller J, Czyzyk-Krzeska MF. (2021) Selective MAP1LC3C (LC3C) autophagy requires noncanonical initiation regulators and the paralog-specific C-terminal peptide. The Journal of Cell Biology, 220, 7. e202004182.
  • Hall DP, Cost NG, Hegde S, Kellner E, Mikhaylova O, Stratton Y, Ehmer B, Abplanalp WA, Pandey R, Biesiada J, Harteneck C, Plas DR, Meller J, Czyzyk-Krzeska MF (2014) TRPM3 and miR-204 establish a regulatory circuit that controls oncogenic autophagy in clear cell renal cell carcinoma. Cancer Cell. 26, 738-753. PMC4269832. Commentary: Cecconi F and Jaattela M (2014) Trageting Ions-induced autophagy in cancer. Cancer Cell, 26, 599-600.
  • Mikhaylova O, Stratton Y, Hall DP, Kellner E, Ehmer B, Drew AF, Gallo CA, Plas  DR, Biesiada J, Meller J,  Czyzyk-Krzeska MF (2012) VHL-regulated miR-204 Suppresses Tumor Growth through Inhibition of LC3B-mediated Autophagy in Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma. Cancer Cell. 21:532-546. PMC3331999.
  • Reigle J, Secic D, Biesiada J, Wetzel C, Shamsaei B, Chu J, Zang Y, Zhang X, Talbot NJ, Bischoff ME, Zhang Y, Thakar C, Gaitonde K, Sidana A, Bui H, Cunningham JT, Schmidt LS, Linehan WM, Medvedovic M, Plas DR, Landero Figuero JA, Meller J, Czyzyk-Krzeska MF (2021) Tobacco smoking induces metabolic reprogramming in renal cell carcinoma. The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 131(1):e140522, doi: 10.1172/JCI140522. PMC7773408.
  • Czyzyk-Krzeska MF, Landero Figueroa JA, Shuchi Gulati S, Cunningham JT, Meller J, Shamsaei B, Vemuri B, Plas DR.  (2021) Molecular and metabolic subtypes in sporadic and inherited clear cell renal cell carcinoma. Genes, 12, 388, PMC7999481.
  • Czyzyk-Krzeska MF, Meller J, Landero Figueroa JA, Plas DR, Cunningham JT (2021) Metabolic subtypes of clear cell renal cell carcinoma defined by tobacco smoking. Mol Cell Oncol 8:1859917. PMC8018476

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