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04/2023| Welcome to our Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Akinjide Akinnuga! Dr. Akinnuga was preciously a Senior Lecturer and Reasearcher in the Dept. Endocrinology and Metabolism at Cross River University of Technology in Nigeria. (Photo: Akinjde in the lab.)

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03/2023| Welcome to our new Graduate Student, Mackenzie Fourman! Mackenzie is a 4th year student in the Cancer & Cell Biology PhD Program.

12/2022| Happy Holidays & Happy New Year! The lab took part in an Escape Room. Thankfully, we were able to escape and enjoy dinner. (Left to right: Nina, Patrick, Shreya & Amanda).

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11/2022| We have been awarded a Steven Goldman Memorial Pancreatic Cancer Research Grant as part of the University of Cincinnati Cancer Center Pilot Project Award Program. This award will support our studies to understand novel tumour suppressor mechanisms in the exocrine pancreas.

10/2022| Welcome to our Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Sajad Wani! Dr. Wani was previously a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Campbell Lab at The Ohio State University.

09/2022| Amanda's Postdoc mentor Dr. Gigi Lozano visits UC to deliver a talk on 'Wild type and mutant p53 functions." (Right photo, left to right: Amanda, Gigi, Nina & Patrick)

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08/2022| Welcome to our new rotation student, Shreya Shayumsunder! Shreya is in the Cancer & Cell Biology Master's Program. (Photo: Shreya learning how to use a microtome)

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05/2022| Welcome to our new undergraduate student, Nina Lazic! Nina is in the Medical Sciences Program at the University of Cincinnati.

04/2022| Sudar presented a research poster at the 3rd Annual Medical Sciences Poster Fair. (Photo: Sudar Addeppalli)

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02/2022| Welcome to our new Undergraduate Student, Sudar Addepalli! Sudar is in the Medical Sciences Program at the University of Cincinnati and will be completing his Biomedical Research capstone in our lab. (Photo, left to right: Patrick, Sudar, and Amanda)

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02/2022| We have received our first grant! A K22 from the National Cancer Institute to continue our studies on the DAXX/ATRX/H3.3 tumor suppressor axis.

01/2022 | Happy New Year! We are set up and ready to do experiments. (Photo: miscellaneous lab equipment and Patrick pipetting samples)

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10/2021 | Welcome Patrick Krause! Patrick was previously a Research Assistant in the Lozano Lab at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. (Photo left to right: Patrick and Amanda)

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09/2021 | The Wasylishen Lab has officially opened its doors

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