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Ruiz-Torres, Sasha J; Bourn, Jennifer R; Benight, Nancy M; Hunt, Brian G; Lester, Carissa; Waltz, Susan E 2022. Macrophage-mediated RON signaling supports breast cancer growth and progression through modulation of IL-35. Oncogene, 41(3) Jan, 321-333

Hunt, Brian G; Jones, Angelle; Lester, Carissa; Davis, James C; Benight, Nancy M; Waltz, Susan E 2022. RON (MST1R) and HGFL (MST1) Co-Overexpression Supports Breast Tumorigenesis through Autocrine and Paracrine Cellular Crosstalk. Cancers, 14 10,

Kreinbrink, Paul J; Lewis, Luke M; Redmond, Kevin P; Takiar, Vinita 2022. Reirradiation of Recurrent and Second Primary Cancers of the Head and Neck: a Review of the Contemporary Evidence. Current treatment options in oncology, 23 3, 295-310

Korns, Julianna; Liu, Xiaoqi; Takiar, Vinita 2022. A review of Plks: Thinking outside the (polo) box. Molecular carcinogenesis, 61 2, 254-263

Dubey, Poornima; Sertorio, Mathieu; Takiar, Vinita 2022. Therapeutic Advancements in Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticle-Based Radiosensitization for Head and Neck Cancer Therapy. Cancers, 14 3,

Qiu, Kangqiang; Seino, Ryo; Han, Guanqun; Ishiyama, Munetaka; Ueno, Yuichiro; Tian, Zhiqi; Sun, Yujie; Diao, Jiajie 2022. De novo Design of A Membrane-anchored Probe for Multi-dimensional Quantification of Endocytic Dynamics. Advanced healthcare materials, , e2102185

Shannon, Daniel; Gruber, Weston; Lohmueller, Isaac; Hawryschuk, Ethan; Medley, Wyatt; Poetker, Gavin; Diao, JaiJie 2022. The role of FIP200 in Phagophore formation during Autophagy. FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 36 Suppl 1 ,

Wang, Lei; Diao, Jiajie 2022. VAMP8 phosphorylation regulates lysosome dynamics during autophagy. Autophagy reports, 1 1, 79-82

Manupati, Kanakaraju; Paul, Ritama; Hao, Mingang; Haas, Michael; Bian, Zhaoqun Christine; Holm, Tammy M; Guan, Jun-Lin; Yeo, Syn Kok 2022. Biglycan Promotes Cancer Stem Cell Properties, NF?B Signaling and Metastatic Potential in Breast Cancer Cells. Cancers, 14 2,

Blaha, Catherine S; Ramakrishnan, Gopalakrishnan; Jeon, Sang-Min; Nogueira, Veronique; Rho, Hyunsoo; Kang, Soeun; Bhaskar, Prashanth; Terry, Alexander R; Aissa, Alexandre F; Frolov, Maxim V; Patra, Krushna C; Brooks Robey, R; Hay, Nissim 2022. A non-catalytic scaffolding activity of hexokinase 2 contributes to EMT and metastasis. Nature communications, 13 1, 899

Yan, Ling; Xu, Xiaoxiao; Fan, Yanbo; Zhang, Lifang; Niu, Xiaojing; Hu, Aimin 2022. Tangshen Decoction Enhances Podocytes Autophagy to Relieve Diabetic Nephropathy through Modulation of p-AMPK/p-ULK1 Signaling. Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM, 2022 , 3110854

Yang, Yang; Gomez, Maria; Marsh, Timothy; Poillet-Perez, Laura; Sawant, Akshada; Chen, Lei; Park, Noel R; Jackson, S RaElle; Hu, Zhixian; Alon, Noa; Liu, Chen; Debnath, Jayanta; Guan, Jun-Lin; Davidson, Shawn; Verzi, Michael; White, Eileen 2022. Autophagy in PDGFR?+ mesenchymal cells is essential for intestinal stem cell survival. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 119 21, e2202016119

Yang, Yi; Zhu, Yifu; Zhou, Shuai; Tang, Peipei; Xu, Ran; Zhang, Yuwei; Wei, Dongping; Wen, Jian; Thorne, Rick F; Zhang, Xu Dong; Guan, Jun-Lin; Liu, Lianxin; Wu, Mian; Chen, Song 2022. TRIM27 cooperates with STK38L to inhibit ULK1-mediated autophagy and promote tumorigenesis. The EMBO journal, , e109777

Muto, Tomoya; Guillamot, Maria; Yeung, Jennifer; Fang, Jing; Bennett, Joshua; Nadorp, Bettina; Lasry, Audrey; Redondo, Luna Zea; Choi, Kwangmin; Gong, Yixiao; Walker, Callum S; Hueneman, Kathleen; Bolanos, Lyndsey C; Barreyro, Laura; Lee, Lynn H; Greis, Kenneth D; Vasyliev, Nikita; Khodadadi-Jamayran, Alireza; Nudler, Evgeny; Lujambio, Amaia; Lowe, Scott W; Aifantis, Iannis; Starczynowski, Daniel T 2022. TRAF6 functions as a tumor suppressor in myeloid malignancies by directly targeting MYC oncogenic activity. Cell stem cell, ,

Crowther, Rebecca R; Schmidt, Stephanie M; Lange, Shannon M; McKell, Melanie C; Robillard, Michelle C; Zhao, Junfang; Haffey, Wendy D; Wyder, Michael A; Greis, Kenneth D; Setchell, Kenneth D R; Qualls, Joseph E 2022. Cutting Edge: l-Arginine Transfer from Antigen-Presenting Cells Sustains CD4+ T Cell Viability and Proliferation. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 208 4, 793-798

Kirley, Terence L; Norman, Andrew B; Greis, Kenneth D 2022. Oxidation of specific tryptophan residues inhibits high affinity binding of cocaine and its metabolites to a humanized anti-cocaine mAb. The Journal of biological chemistry, , 101689

Barreyro, Laura; Sampson, Avery M; Ishikawa, Chiharu; Hueneman, Kathleen M; Choi, Kwangmin; Pujato, Mario A; Chutipongtanate, Somchai; Wyder, Michael; Haffey, Wendy D; O'Brien, Eric; Wunderlich, Mark; Ramesh, Vighnesh; Kolb, Ellen M; Meydan, Cem; Neelamraju, Yaseswini; Bolanos, Lyndsey C; Christie, Susanne; Smith, Molly A; Niederkorn, Madeline; Muto, Tomoya; Kesari, Santosh; Garrett-Bakelman, Francine E; Bartholdy, Boris; Will, Britta; Weirauch, Matthew T; Mulloy, James C; Gul, Zartash; Medlin, Stephen; Kovall, Rhett A; Melnick, Ari M; Perentesis, John P; Greis, Kenneth D; Nurmemmedov, Elmar; Seibel, William L; Starczynowski, Daniel T 2022. Blocking UBE2N abrogates oncogenic immune signaling in acute myeloid leukemia. Science translational medicine, 14 635, eabb7695

Kirley, Terence L; Greis, Kenneth D; Norman, Andrew B 2022. Tyrosine nitration of a humanized anti-cocaine mAb differentially affects ligand binding of cocaine and its metabolites. Biochemistry and biophysics reports, 30 , 101278


Tang, Xin; Angst, Gabrielle; Haas, Michael; Yang, Fuchun; Wang, Chenran 2021. The Characterization of a Subependymal Giant Astrocytoma-Like Cell Line from Murine Astrocyte with mTORC1 Hyperactivation. International journal of molecular sciences, 22 8,

Wang, Chenran; Haas, Michael A; Yeo, Syn Kok; Paul, Ritama; Yang, Fuchun; Vallabhapurapu, Subrahmanya; Qi, Xiaoyang; Plas, David R; Guan, Jun-Lin 2021. Autophagy mediated lipid catabolism facilitates glioma progression to overcome bioenergetic crisis. British journal of cancer, ,

Wang, Chenran; Haas, Michael; Yeo, Syn Kok; Sebti, Salwa; Fernández, Álvaro F; Zou, Zhongju; Levine, Beth; Guan, Jun-Lin 2021. Enhanced autophagy in Becn1F121A/F121A knockin mice counteracts aging-related neural stem cell exhaustion and dysfunction. Autophagy, , 1-14

Liu, Hang; Wang, Chenran; Yi, Fei; Yeo, Syn; Haas, Michael; Tang, Xin; Guan, Jun-Lin 2021. Non-canonical function of FIP200 is required for neural stem cell maintenance and differentiation by limiting TBK1 activation and p62 aggregate formation. Scientific reports, 11 1, 23907

Bourn, Jennifer R; Ruiz-Torres, Sasha J; Hunt, Brian G; Benight, Nancy M; Waltz, Susan E 2021. Tumor cell intrinsic RON signaling suppresses innate immune responses in breast cancer through inhibition of IRAK4 signaling. Cancer letters, 503 , 75-90

Wicker, Christina A; Hunt, Brian G; Krishnan, Sunil; Aziz, Kathryn; Parajuli, Shobha; Palackdharry, Sarah; Elaban, William R; Wise-Draper, Trisha M; Mills, Gordon B; Waltz, Susan E; Takiar, Vinita 2021. Glutaminase inhibition with telaglenastat (CB-839) improves treatment response in combination with ionizing radiation in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma models. Cancer letters, 502 , 180-188

Czyzyk-Krzeska, Maria F; Landero Figueroa, Julio A; Gulati, Shuchi; Cunningham, John T; Meller, Jarek; ShamsaeI, Behrouz; Vemuri, Bhargav; Plas, David R 2021. Molecular and Metabolic Subtypes in Sporadic and Inherited Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. Genes, 12 3,

Czyzyk-Krzeska, Maria F; Meller, Jarek; Landero Figueroa, Julio A; Plas, David R; Cunningham, John T 2021. Metabolic subtypes of clear cell renal cell carcinoma defined by tobacco smoking. Molecular & cellular oncology, 8 2, 1859917

Reigle, James; Secic, Dina; Biesiada, Jacek; Wetzel, Collin; Shamsaei, Behrouz; Chu, Johnson; Zang, Yuanwei; Zhang, Xiang; Talbot, Nicholas J; Bischoff, Megan E; Zhang, Yongzhen; Thakar, Charuhas V; Gaitonde, Krishnanath; Sidana, Abhinav; Bui, Hai; Cunningham, John T; Zhang, Qing; Schmidt, Laura S; Linehan, W Marston; Medvedovic, Mario; Plas, David R; Figueroa, Julio A Landero; Meller, Jarek; Czyzyk-Krzeska, Maria F 2021. Tobacco smoking induces metabolic reprogramming of renal cell carcinoma. The Journal of clinical investigation, 131 1,

Bischoff, Megan E; Zang, Yuanwei; Chu, Johnson; Price, Adam D; Ehmer, Birgit; Talbot, Nicholas J; Newbold, Michael J; Paul, Anurag; Guan, Jun-Lin; Plas, David R; Meller, Jarek; Czyzyk-Krzeska, Maria F 2021. Selective MAP1LC3C (LC3C) autophagy requires noncanonical regulators and the C-terminal peptide. The Journal of cell biology, 220 7,

Lewis, Luke; Kreinbrink, Paul; Richardson, Max; Westerfield, Morgan; Doberstein, Madeline; Zhang, Yongbin; Redmond, Kevin; Takiar, Vinita 2021. Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy Better Spares Non-Adjacent Organs and Reduces the Risk of Secondary Malignant Neoplasms in the Treatment of Sinonasal Cancers. Medical dosimetry : official journal of the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists, ,

Hernandez Brandi, Marianna; Howell, Rebecca; Power, Amelia; Tabangin, Meredith; Altaye, Mekibib; Zender, Chad A; Takiar, Vinita; Tang, Alice L 2021. Trends in Number of Women Speakers at the American Head and Neck Society Meetings, 2007-2019. JAMA otolaryngology-- head & neck surgery, 147 12, 1053-1058

Luginbuhl, Adam; Calder, Alyssa; Kutler, David; Zender, Chad; Wise-Draper, Trisha; Patel, Jena; Cheng, Michael; Karivedu, Vidhya; Zhan, Tingting; Parashar, Bhupesh; Gulati, Shuchi; Yao, Min; Lavertu, Pierre; Takiar, Vinita; Tang, Alice; Johnson, Jennifer; Keane, William; Curry, Joseph; Cognetti, David; Bar-Ad, Voichita 2021. Multi-Institutional Study Validates Safety of Intraoperative Cesium-131 Brachytherapy for Treatment of Recurrent Head and Neck Cancer. Frontiers in oncology, 11 , 786216

Kreinbrink, Paul J; Mierzwa, Michelle L; Huth, Brad; Redmond, Kevin P; Wise-Draper, Trisha M; Casper, Keith; Li, Junan; Takiar, Vinita 2021. Adjuvant radiation and cetuximab improves local control in head and neck cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma: Phase II study. Head & neck, 43 11, 3408-3416

von Allmen, Douglas; Tang, Alice; Takiar, Vinita; Zender, Chad; Romeo, Stephen; Masch, Jessica; Casper, Keith; Patil, Yash; Wilson, Keith; Khosla, Siddarth; Niu, Liang; Altaye, Mekibib; Tabangin, Meredith; Howell, Rebecca J 2021. Modified Head and Neck Swallow Scale: Using EORTC-QLQ-H&N35 to Predict Overall Survival. The Laryngoscope, 131 11, 2478-2482

Frankart, Andrew J; Takiar, Vinita 2021. In Reply to Laurent et al. International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics, 111 2, 584

Sharma, Anish; Tang, Alice L; Takiar, Vinita; Wise-Draper, Trisha M; Langevin, Scott M 2021. Human Papillomavirus and Survival of Sinonasal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Cancers, 13 15,

Leddon, Jennifer L; Chirra, Martina; Frankart, Andrew J; Agrawal, Arushi; Roof, Logan; Trotier, Danny; Shaikh, Hira; Stone, Timothy; Jandarov, Roman; Takiar, Vinita; Wise-Draper, Trisha M 2021. Hypothyroidism in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients Receiving Radiotherapy With or Without Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors. The Laryngoscope, 131 7, E2413-E2419

Takiar, Vinita 2021. In Reference to The Psychological Impact of Head and Neck Cancer in Pain Perception. The Laryngoscope, 131 6, E1911

Kreinbrink, P J; Li, J; Parajuli, S; Wise-Draper, T M; Choi, D L; Tang, A L; Takiar, V 2021. Pre-treatment absolute lymphocyte count predicts for improved survival in human papillomavirus (HPV)-driven oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma. Oral oncology, 116 , 105245

Frankart, Andrew J; Criss, Benjamin E; Dillehay McKillip, Kelsey; Wise-Draper, Trisha; Takiar, Vinita; Kharofa, Jordan 2021. Assessing the Reliability and Positive Predictive Value of p16 as a Surrogate for Human Papillomavirus-Mediated E6/7 mRNA Expression in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anal Canal. Diseases of the colon and rectum, 64 4, 459-465

Frankart, Andrew J; Frankart, Michael J; Cervenka, Brian; Tang, Alice L; Krishnan, Deepak G; Takiar, Vinita 2021. Osteoradionecrosis: Exposing the Evidence Not the Bone. International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics, 109 5, 1206-1218

Wilke, Christopher; Takiar, Vinita; Wang, He; Moreno, Amy C; Tung, Shih-Ming Samuel; Quinlan-Davidson, Sean R; Garden, Adam S; Rosenthal, David I; Fuller, Clifton D; Gunn, Gary B; Reddy, Jay P; Morrison, William H; Wang, Congjun; Zhao, George; Hutcheson, Katherine A; Phan, Jack 2021. Defining the dose-volume criteria for laryngeal sparing in locally advanced oropharyngeal cancer utilizing split-field IMRT, whole-field IMRT and VMAT. Journal of applied clinical medical physics, 22 1, 37-44

Zheng, Xiaoqiang; Yan, Jin; You, Weiming; Li, Fanni; Diao, Jiajie; He, Wangxiao; Yao, Yu 2021. De Novo Nano-Erythrocyte Structurally Braced by Biomimetic Au(I)-peptide Skeleton for MDM2/MDMX Predation toward Augmented Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma Immunotherapy. Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany), , e2100394

Lerner, Eitan; Barth, Anders; Hendrix, Jelle; Ambrose, Benjamin; Birkedal, Victoria; Blanchard, Scott C; Börner, Richard; Sung Chung, Hoi; Cordes, Thorben; Craggs, Timothy D; Deniz, Ashok A; Diao, Jiajie; Fei, Jingyi; Gonzalez, Ruben L; Gopich, Irina V; Ha, Taekjip; Hanke, Christian A; Haran, Gilad; Hatzakis, Nikos S; Hohng, Sungchul; Hong, Seok-Cheol; Hugel, Thorsten; Ingargiola, Antonino; Joo, Chirlmin; Kapanidis, Achillefs N; Kim, Harold D; Laurence, Ted; Lee, Nam Ki; Lee, Tae-Hee; Lemke, Edward A; Margeat, Emmanuel; Michaelis, Jens; Michalet, Xavier; Myong, Sua; Nettels, Daniel; Peulen, Thomas-Otavio; Ploetz, Evelyn; Razvag, Yair; Robb, Nicole C; Schuler, Benjamin; Soleimaninejad, Hamid; Tang, Chun; Vafabakhsh, Reza; Lamb, Don C; Seidel, Claus Am; Weiss, Shimon 2021. FRET-based dynamic structural biology: Challenges, perspectives and an appeal for open-science practices. eLife, 10 ,

Tao, Youqi; Xie, Jingfei; Zhong, Qinglu; Wang, Yongyao; Zhang, Shengnan; Luo, Feng; Wen, Fengcai; Xie, Jingjing; Zhao, Jiawei; Sun, Xiaoou; Long, Houfang; Ma, Junfeng; Zhang, Qian; Long, Jiangang; Fang, Xianyang; Lu, Ying; Li, Dan; Li, Ming; Zhu, Jidong; Sun, Bo; Li, Guohui; Diao, Jiajie; Liu, Cong 2021. A novel partially-open state of SHP2 points to a "multiple gear" regulation mechanism. The Journal of biological chemistry, , 100538

Fang, Hongbao; Geng, Shanshan; Hao, Mingang; Chen, Qixin; Liu, Minglun; Liu, Chunyan; Tian, Zhiqi; Wang, Chengjun; Takebe, Takanori; Guan, Jun-Lin; Chen, Yuncong; Guo, Zijian; He, Weijiang; Diao, Jiajie 2021. Simultaneous Zn2+ tracking in multiple organelles using super-resolution morphology-correlated organelle identification in living cells. Nature communications, 12 1, 109

Zou, Weiwei; Chen, Qixin; Slone, Jesse; Yang, Li; Lou, Xiaoting; Diao, Jiajie; Huang, Taosheng 2021. Nanoscopic quantification of sub-mitochondrial morphology, mitophagy and mitochondrial dynamics in living cells derived from patients with mitochondrial diseases. Journal of nanobiotechnology, 19 1, 136

Chen, Qixin; Hao, Mingang; Wang, Lei; Li, Linsen; Chen, Yang; Shao, Xintian; Tian, Zhiqi; Pfuetzner, Richard A; Zhong, Qing; Brunger, Axel T; Guan, Jun-Lin; Diao, Jiajie 2021. Prefused lysosomes cluster on autophagosomes regulated by VAMP8. Cell death & disease, 12 10, 939

Yan, Jin; Wang, Yang; Li, Xiao; Guo, Dongnan; Zhou, Zhengjun; Bai, Ge; Li, Jianhui; Huang, Na; Diao, Jiajie; Li, Yong; He, Wangxiao; Liu, Wenjia; Tao, Kaishan 2021. A Bionic Nano-Band-Aid Constructed by the Three-Stage Self-Assembly of Peptides for Rapid Liver Hemostasis. Nano letters, 21 17, 7166-7174

Wang, Kang-Nan; Shao, Xintian; Tian, Zhiqi; Liu, Liu-Yi; Zhang, Chengying; Tan, Cai-Ping; Zhang, Jie; Ling, Peixue; Liu, Fei; Chen, Qixin; Diao, Jiajie; Mao, Zong-Wan 2021. A Continuous Add-On Probe Reveals the Nonlinear Enlargement of Mitochondria in Light-Activated Oncosis. Advanced science (Weinheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany), 8 17, e2004566

Du, Yang; Lai, Ying; Liu, Ji-Yan; Diao, Jiajie 2021. Epigenetic Quantification of DNA 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine Using DNA Hybridization-Based Single-Molecule Immunofluorescent Imaging. Small methods, 5 5, e2100061

Aryal, Chinta Mani; Tyoe, Owen; Diao, Jiajie 2021. Lipid Species Dependent Vesicles Clustering Caused by alpha-Synuclein as Revealed by Single-Vesicle Imaging with Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy. Biophysics reports, 7 6, 437-448

Turner, Kevin M; Yeo, Syn Kok; Holm, Tammy M; Shaughnessy, Elizabeth; Guan, Jun-Lin 2021. Heterogeneity within molecular subtypes of breast cancer. American journal of physiology. Cell physiology, 321 2, C343-C354

Hao, Mingang; Yeo, Syn Kok; Guan, Jun-Lin 2021. Autophagy inhibition perturbs ERBB2 trafficking and abolishes tumorigenesis in ERBB2-driven breast cancer. Autophagy, 17 4, 1059-1060

Yang, Yongguang; Leonard, Marissa; Luo, Zhenhua; Yeo, Syn; Bick, Gregory; Hao, Mingang; Cai, Chunmiao; Charif, Mahmoud; Wang, Jiang; Guan, Jun-Lin; Lower, Elyse E; Zhang, Xiaoting 2021. Functional cooperation between co-amplified genes promotes aggressive phenotypes of HER2-positive breast cancer. Cell reports, 34 10, 108822

Hao, Mingang; Yeo, Syn Kok; Turner, Kevin; Harold, Alexis; Yang, Yongguang; Zhang, Xiaoting; Guan, Jun-Lin 2021. Autophagy Blockade Limits HER2+ Breast Cancer Tumorigenesis by Perturbing HER2 Trafficking and Promoting Release Via Small Extracellular Vesicles. Developmental cell, 56 3, 341-355.e5

Qing, Ying; Dong, Lei; Gao, Lei; Li, Chenying; Li, Yangchan; Han, Li; Prince, Emily; Tan, Brandon; Deng, Xiaolan; Wetzel, Collin; Shen, Chao; Gao, Min; Chen, Zhenhua; Li, Wei; Zhang, Bin; Braas, Daniel; Ten Hoeve, Johanna; Sanchez, Gerardo Javier; Chen, Huiying; Chan, Lai N; Chen, Chun-Wei; Ann, David; Jiang, Lei; Müschen, Markus; Marcucci, Guido; Plas, David R; Li, Zejuan; Su, Rui; Chen, Jianjun 2021. R-2-hydroxyglutarate attenuates aerobic glycolysis in leukemia by targeting the FTO/m6A/PFKP/LDHB axis. Molecular cell, 81 5, 922-939.e9

Koehler, Abigail; Karve, Aniruddha; Desai, Pankaj; Arbiser, Jack; Plas, David R; Qi, Xiaoyang; Read, Renee D; Sasaki, Atsuo T; Gawali, Vaibhavkumar S; Toukam, Donatien K; Bhattacharya, Debanjan; Kallay, Laura; Pomeranz Krummel, Daniel A; Sengupta, Soma 2021. Reuse of Molecules for Glioblastoma Therapy. Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland), 14 2,

Vilfranc, Chrystelle L; Che, Li-Xiao; Patra, Krushna C; Niu, Liang; Olowokure, Olugbenga; Wang, Jiang; Shah, Shimul A; Du, Chun-Ying 2021. BIR repeat-containing ubiquitin conjugating enzyme (BRUCE) regulation of ?-catenin signaling in the progression of drug-induced hepatic fibrosis and carcinogenesis. World journal of hepatology, 13 3, 343-361

Zhao, Guizhen; Chang, Ziyi; Zhao, Yang; Guo, Yanhong; Lu, Haocheng; Liang, Wenying; Rom, Oren; Wang, Huilun; Sun, Jinjian; Zhu, Tianqing; Fan, Yanbo; Chang, Lin; Yang, Bo; Garcia-Barrio, Minerva T; Chen, Y Eugene; Zhang, Jifeng 2021. KLF11 protects against abdominal aortic aneurysm through inhibition of endothelial cell dysfunction. JCI insight, 6 5,

Lu, Haocheng; Sun, Jinjian; Hamblin, Milton H; Chen, Y Eugene; Fan, Yanbo 2021. Transcription factor EB regulates cardiovascular homeostasis. EBioMedicine, 63 , 103207

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Cai, Chunmiao; Bi, Dexi; Bick, Gregory; Wei, Qing; Liu, Hu; Lu, Ling; Zhang, Xiaoting; Qin, Huanlong 2021. Hepatocyte nuclear factor HNF1A is a potential regulator in shaping the super-enhancer landscape in colorectal cancer liver metastasis. FEBS letters, ,

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Holm, Tammy M; Bian, Z Christine; Manupati, Kanakaraju; Guan, Jun-Lin 2021. Inhibition of autophagy mitigates cell migration and invasion in thyroid cancer. Surgery, ,

Poillet-Perez, Laura; Sharp, Daniel W; Yang, Yang; Laddha, Saurabh V; Ibrahim, Maria; Bommareddy, Praveen K; Hu, Zhixian Sherrie; Vieth, Joshua; Haas, Michael; Bosenberg, Marcus W; Rabinowitz, Joshua D; Cao, Jian; Guan, Jun-Lin; Ganesan, Shridar; Chan, Chang S; Mehnert, Janice M; Lattime, Edmund C; White, Eileen 2021. Publisher Correction: Autophagy promotes growth of tumors with high mutational burden by inhibiting a T-cell immune response. Nature cancer, 2 9, 994


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