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Current Members

Jiajie Diao (Cancer Biology/COM)    
New molecular probes and super-resolution assays for quantitative analysis of sub-cellular dynamics

Yanbo Fan (Cancer Biology/COM)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Roles of TFEB and autophagy in tumor angiogenesis and breast cancer

Joan Garrett (College of Pharmacy)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
HER family signaling in breast cancer and resistance to targeted therapeutics

Ken Greis (Cancer Biology/COM)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Mass spectrometry-based technologies to understand cellular and disease mechanisms

Jun-Lin Guan (Cancer Biology/COM)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Fundamental principles of cell signaling in breast cancer and other disease processes

In-Kwon Kim (Chemistry/Biochemistry/A&S)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Mechanism, function, and drug discovery in ADP-ribosylation metabolism

Nalinikanth Kotagiri (College of Pharmacy)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Engineered microbiota and radiopharmaceuticals for cancer detection and treatment

Joo-Youp Lee (Chemical & Environmental Engineering/CEAS)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Gene and drug delivery systems for cancer therapeutics

Elyse Lower (Heme and Onc/COM)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Identification of novel biomarkers for breast cancer metastasis and recurrence

Nicolas Nassar (CCHMC)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Development of small molecule inhibitors of Rac-GTPases to block tumor growth and metastasis

Susan Pinney (Environmental Health/COM)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Risk factors, etiology and Breast Cancer Registry of Greater Cincinnati

David Plas (Cancer Biology/COM)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Oncogenic effects of the S6 and TAM Kinases in tumor metabolism and apoptosis resistance

Lisa Privette-Vinnedge (CCHMC)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Role of the chromatin remodeling DEK protein in mammary gland biology and breast cancer

Elizabeth Shaughnessy (Surgery/COM)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Papillomas, microbiome and their potential link to the higher incidence of breast cancer in the region

Susan Waltz (Cancer Biology/COM)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Mechanisms of growth factor and receptor tyrosine kinase in hormonally regulated cancers

Chenran Wang (Cancer Biology/COM)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Mechanisms of breast cancer brain metastasis and the role of glial autophage

Georg F. Weber (College of Pharmacy)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Molecular mechanisms of cancer progression and the development of biomarkers

Syn Yeo (Cancer Biology/COM)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
The role of FIP200 and autophagy in breast cancer and intra-tumoral heterogeneity

Xiaoting Zhang (Cancer Biology/COM)    pdf_file_type_icon_3
Overcoming breast cancer metastasis and endocrine resistance by RNA nanotherapeutics

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