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The Cancer Biology Seminar Series

This weekly seminar series features lectures by local, national, and international cancer researchers invited by the Department of Cancer Biology. All seminars will be held in person (unless otherwise noted) from Noon to 1:00 pm (EST) in the Rieveschl Auditorium (VONTZ 1100) at the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies.

Refer to the schedule below. For more information, please contact Aimee Bollmer at

01/18 Moderators: Chiharu Ishikawa & Megan Bones
Courtney Jones, PhD Host: Seminar Committee
Assistant Professor, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Division of Experimental Hematology/Cancer Biology & UC Department of Pediatrics
Title: Targeting Metabolic Vulnerabilities in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Stem Cells”
01/25Moderators: Zhiyun Yu & Sunny Congrove
Megan Bischoff, CCB PhD Student, Dr. Maria Czyzyk-Krzeska Lab
Title: “Copper drives remodeling of metabolic state and progression of ccRCC”
Julianna Korns, CCB PhD StudentVinita Takiar’s Lab
Title: “Plk1 Signaling as a Therapeutic Target for Head and Neck Cancer”
02/01 Moderators: James Davis & Julie Fisher
Mathieu G. Sertorio, PhD Host: Seminar Committee
Research Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology, UC College of Medicine
Title: Implication of SREBP2 in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Radio Resistance”
02/08 Moderators: Bibek Karki & Uma Basole
Zhiqi Tian, CCB PhD StudentJun-Lin Guan Lab
Title: “Mitochondrial nucleoid condensates drive peripheral fission through high membrane curvature"
Emma Uible, CCB PhD Student, Dr. Starczynowski Lab
Title: The Requirement of CASP1 to Finetune NF-κB Activity in AML”
02/15 Moderators: Duc (Mary) Nguyen & Grant Hagedorn
Devyani Sharma, CCB PhD StudentMarie-Dominique Filippi Lab
Title: "Role of Cardiolipin in the ageing of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Regeneration"
Levi Fox, CCB PhD StudentSusan Waltz Lab
Title: "Understanding the role of type I interferon signaling in breast cancer"
02/22 Moderators: Timothy Nixon & Haley Todd
Dina Secic, CCB PhD Student, Dr. Maria Czyzyk-Krzeska Lab
Title: "Mechanism of Copper Uptake in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma"
Fuchun Yang, PhD, Research Scientist, Dr. Jun-Lin Guan Lab
Title: "Genome-wide CRISPR screen reveals synergy of Rasa1 inactivation with mTORC1 hyper-activation in promoting lymphangiosarcoma growth through non-cell autonomous functions in vivo"
02/29 Moderators: Bianca Ruffolo & Sara Alharbi
Román Cáceres, CCB PhD StudentBiplab Dasgupta Lab
Title: "Lipid Metabolism Orchestration: Unraveling SCD's Mastery in Fostering Angiogenesis in Glioblastoma Multiforme"
Bibek Karki, CCB PhD Student, Dr. Tom Cunningham Lab
Title: “PRPSAPs are evolutionarily-conserved scaffolds regulating assembly and activity of PRPS enzymes”
03/07 Moderators: Dina Secic & Tanner Wherley
James Brugarolas, M.D., PhD Host: Dr. Maria Czyzyk-Krzeska
Professor & Director, Internal Medicine, Kidney Cancer Program, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Title: "Targeting HIF2 in renal cancer: bench to bedside and back”
Cardell Fellow
Moderators: Emma Uible & Joe Ungvary
Chiharu Ishikawa, CCB PhD StudentDan Starczynowski Lab & Cardell Fellow
Title:UBE2N regulates oncoprotein networks in myeloid malignancies”
03/28 Moderators: William Elaban & Isaac Choi
Annual William J. Larsen Distinguished Lecture SeriesLiqun Luo, PhD Host: Dr. Jun-Lin Guan
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Ann & Bill Swindells Professor of Humanities & Sciences
Stanford University
Title:“Wiring specificity of neural circuits"
04/04 Moderators: Roman Caceres & Devyani Sharma
Xiaoqin Zhu, CCB PhD Student, Andrew Volk Lab
Title:“The interplay role of the chromatin assembly factor (CAF1) and CEBPA in regulating AML cell fate”
Mahendra Jadhao, Ph.D. Post-Doc, Dr. Xiaoting Zhang Lab
Title: MED1 and tumor-secreted exosomes in breast cancer immune evasion and progression”
04/11 Moderators: Shreya Shyamsunder & Makenzie Fourman
Lindsey Bischoff, CCB PhD StudentElisa Boscolo Lab
Title: The role of TIE2-L914F in pathogenesis of venous malformation"
Karmela Ramos Gertz, PhD Post-Doc, Dr. Tom Cunningham Lab
Title: "Determining the role of YY1 in translational control of mitochondrial respiration"
04/18 Moderators: Levi Fox & Zhiqi Tian
Makenzie Fourman, CCB PhD StudentAmanda Wasylishen Lab
Title: Delineating Men1 Tumor Suppressive Mechanisms in the Exocrine Pancreas” 
Manupati Raju, PhD, Post-Doc, Dr. Jun-Lin Guan Lab
Title: PI3KC2β deletion in HER2+ breast cancer cells promote their metastatic activity by upregulation of mTOR pathway”
04/25Moderators: Charlie Nims & Jacob Kurek
Rana Herro, PhD Host: Seminar Committee
Assistant Professor at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, UC Department of Pediatrics
Title: "Understanding the progression from fibrosis to cancer"
05/02 Moderators: Camille Stevenson & Paula Saez Raez
Andrew Aguirre, MD, PhD Host: Dr. Krushna Patra
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Department of Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Institute Member, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, Associate Director, Hale Family Center for Pancreatic Cancer
Title: "Response and resistance to KRAS inhibition in pancreatic cancer"
05/09 Moderators: Julianna Korns & Lindsay Bischoff
Kathryn Wellen, PhD Host: Dr. David Plas
Professor, Department of Cancer Biology, University of Pennsylvania
Title: “Acetyl-CoA metabolism in cancer and physiology”
05/16 Moderators: Angelle Jones & Kate Von Handorf
Austin MacMillan, CCB PhD StudentDr. Tom Cunningham’s Lab
Title: "Biochemical differences between the PRPS enzymes elicit opposing redox-linked vulnerabilities in MYC-overexpressing lymphomas"
Noriko Hirai, PhD Post-Doc, Dr. Krushna Patra’s Lab
Title: Cross talk of LKB1 and PKA signaling”

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