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Seminars & Symposia

The Cancer Biology Seminar Series

This weekly seminar series features lectures by local, national, and international cancer researchers invited by the Department of Cancer Biology. Unless indicated otherwise, all seminars will be held in person from Noon to 1:00 pm (EST) in the Rieveschl Auditorium at the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies. Some seminars will be held virtually over ZOOM and are identified below. For more information, please contact Charlotte Bruewer at

September 9th

Peter M. Tessier, PhD 
Albert M. Mattocks Professor
Departments of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Biology Program
Biointerfaces Institute, University of Michigan
Title: "Drug-like antibodies by design and directed evolution"

Hosts: Dr. Chenran Wang & Grant Hagedorn
Moderators: Bibek Raj Karki & Timothy Nixon

September 16th


Ning Fang, PhD                                                                                         Professor, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University
Title: "Science of Rock'n'Roll in Live Cells"

Join Zoom Meeting    Meeting ID: 918 3052 6873    Password: 527507
Host: Dr. Jiajie Diao
Moderators: Emma Uible

September 23rd

Mary Bedard, MSTP/CCB Graduate Student, Dr. Susa Wells' Lab 
Title: "A host/pathogen single cell transcriptome atlas of HPV16 infected squamous epithelium identifies a virus-induced ELF3 positive cell population"

Fuchun Yang, PhD Post-Doc, Dr. Jun-Lin Guan's Lab
Title: "The role of autophagy in lymphangiosarcoma development"

Moderators: Johnny Donovan & Angelle Jones

September 30th

Caterina Bartolacci, Post-Doc, Dr. Pier Paolo Scaglioni                                   Title: "FASN inhibition induces ferroptosis in mutant KRAS lung cancer"

Cristina Andreani, Post-Doc, Dr. Pier Paolo Scaglioni                                      Title: "Resistance to FASN inhibition and ferroptosis in mutant KRAS lung cancer"

Moderators: James Davis & Mary Nguyen

October 7th

Stan DeVore, CCB Graduate Student, Dr. Gurjit Khurana Hershey's Lab
2021 Cardell Fellow for Excellence in Graduate Research
Title: "The Role of CARD14 in Atopic Dermatitis"

Gregory Bick, PhD Post-Doc, Dr. Xiaoting Zhang's Lab
Title: "MED1's role in eRNA transcription and phase separation"

Moderators: Phillip Witcher & Zhiyun Yu

October 14th


Sidi Chen, PhD
Associate Professor, Yale School of Medicine
Title: "Gene Editing and Immunotherapy"

Join Zoom Meeting    Meeting ID: 949 2333 1833    Password: 019915
Host: Dr. Chenran Wang
Moderator: Mary Bedard

October 21st

Phillip Witcher, CCB Graduate Student, Dr. Douglas Millay’s Lab 
Title: "The Double Edged Sword of Skeletal Muscle Fusogens"

Kangqiang Qiu, Post-Doc, Dr. Jiajie Diao’s Lab 
Title: "Co-phagy of mitochondria and lipid droplets revealed by an ESIPT probe"

Moderators: Bidisha Pal & Laurel Romano

November 4th

Eugene Chen, MD, PhD
Director, CAMTraST
Frederick Huetwell Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
Vice-Chair for Basic and Translational Research, Cardiac Surgery
Professor, University of Michigan
Title: "Transgenic Rabbits for Cardiovascular Research and Drug Development"

Host: Dr. Yanbo Fan
Moderators: Kyle Ferchen & Camille Stevenson

November 18th

TIME CHANGE: 1:00pm to 2:00pm


Kornelia Polyak, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Department of Medical Oncology
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 
Title: "Immune escape and immunotherapy in breast cancer"

Join Zoom Meeting  Meeting ID: 949 2333 1833    Password: 019915
Host: Dr. Jun-Lin Guan
Moderator: Austin MacMillan

December 2nd

Josh Bennett, CCB Graduate Student, Dr. Daniel Starczynowski's Lab
Title: "Dissecting the role of IRAK1 and IRAK4 in AML"

Pranjal Sarma, PhD Post-Doc, Dr. Dave Plas' Lab
Title: "Combination S6K and AXL targeting impairs pyrimidine biosynthesis to induce cytotoxic responses in PTEN-deficient glioblastoma"

Moderator: Anusha Acharya

December 9th

Ian Mersich, CCB Graduate Student, Dr. Biplab Dasgupta's Lab
Title: "Therapeutic targeting of purine metabolism in DIPG"

Mingang Hao, PhD Post-Doc, Dr. Jun-Lin Guan's Lab
Title: "In vivo CRISPR knockout screen of autophagy-related genes for factors regulating breast cancer lung metastasis"

Moderators: Julianna Korns & Tanner Wherley

December 16th

Chen Wang, CCB Graduate Student, Dr. Yi Zheng's Lab
Title: "RUNX1 Mutation Leads to Megakaryocyte-Primed Hematopoietic Stem Cell Blockage and Familial Platelet Disorder"

Chunmiao "Lance" Cai
, PhD Post-Doc, Dr. Xiaoting Zhang's Lab
Title: "Phase-separated ARGLU1 and MED1 regulates transcription in ER positive breast cancer"

Moderators: Josh Bennett & Dina Secic


The William J. Larsen Distinguished Lecture Series

This is an annual seminar to honor the memory of William J. Larsen, PhD. Each year, the invited speaker is a leader in the field of developmental biology. The William J. Larsen Distinguished Lecture Series page.

The Cincinnati Cancer Symposium Series

This annual symposium features an international panel of renowned experts in a specific, timely topic in cancer research.

CCB Faculty Seminar Series

This seminar series provides an opportunity for CCB faculty members to share their research and receive feedback from their colleagues. It meets twice a month and attendance is limited to CCB faculty and selected senior postdocs.

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