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Evaluation of occupational and environmental hazards including chemical, nuclear or bioterrorism are also under the domain of medical toxicology. The fields of clinical pharmacology, immunotoxicology and toxicogenomics are newer areas of research and practice in the toxicology specialty.

The Medical Toxicologist is primarily responsible for consultations through the Drug and Poison Information Center (DPIC) at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

The DPIC coverage encompasses over half the population of the State of Ohio including 38 counties from the greater Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo and Akron areas. An average of 11,788 calls are received per month for exposure or drug information. Bedside consultation is available at the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and other hospitals as needed.

Additional collaborative resources include: EPA, NIOSH, Greater Cincinnati Water Works, and the Hamilton County Coroner. The Division of Toxicology is also responsible for consultation, medical evaluation and control of anti-venom for the Cincinnati Zoo and Newport Aquarium.

Annual symposiums from ACMT and AACT are also attended. Recent Division presentations include the Wilderness Medical Society Annual meeting, The American Association of Clinical Toxicology, and the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine.

Formal research training is available through the Department of Emergency Medicine as well as the Division of Toxicology. Collaborative research is encouraged and partnerships are available through Children’s Hospital or any department in the Colleges of Medicine/ Pharmacy.

The faculty of Division of Toxicology includes several leading experts in the fields of medical toxicology and emergency medicine.

There are two board-certified toxicologists available for consultation as well as several ABAT certified poison specialists at the DPIC, including:

Edward Otten, MD, Medical Director
Shan Yin, MD, DPIC Medical Director
Jonathan Colvin, PharmD, DPIC Director

Toxicology Graduates
Dr. Mel Otten, Medical Director of Poison Control with UC EM alumni and toxicologists
Dr. Gillian Beauchamp 
(class of 2014) and Dr. Matt Riddle (Class of 2017)


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