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GRR 2024 Schedule

Monday, January 8, 2024Tuesday, January 9, 2024Wednesday, January 10, 2024Thursday, January 11, 2024Friday, January 12, 2024
8:00-9:00Course Intro (2)8:00-9:00Morning Report1:15-1:30EBM Quick Hits (1)8:00-9:00Morning Report8:00-9:00Morning Report
9:00-10:00Morning Report (Example)9:00-10:00Electrolytes (1)1:30-2:15Journal Club (4)9:00-10:00Antibiotics (1)9:00-10:00Surgery Basics (1)
10:15-11:30Intro to CXR/Imaging10:15-11:15NOC Sim C/D (2)2:30-3:30Stroke and Neuro Emergencies (1)10:15-11:15Blood Sugar and Insulin (1)10:15-12:00Pager Game (4)
11:30-12:30EKG Part 111:15-12:15NOC Sim A/B (2)3:30-4:15NOC Sim A/B (2)11:15-12:15Resident Finances12:00-12:30Lunch
12:30-1:00Lunch12:15-12:45Lunch4:15-5:00NOC Sim C/D (2)12:15-12:45Lunch12:30-1:30Blood Products and Anticoagulation (1)
1:00-1:30How to Call a Consult (1)12:45-1:45Symptom Control (1)  12:45-2:00Suturing and Bandages (2)1:30-2:30EKGs Part 2 (1)
1:30-2:30Intubation and O2 Basics (1)1:45-2:45Fever (1)  2:00-2:15Break2:30-2:45Break
2:30-2:45Break2:45-3:00Break  2:15-3:00Calling Consults Game (4)2:45-3:30NOC Sim A/B (2)
2:45-3:30Intro to Sim Lab (1)3:00-4:00NOC Sim C/D (2)  3:00-3:45NOC Sim C/D (2)NOC Sim C/D (2)
3:30-4:15NOC Sim A/B (2)4:00-5:00NOC Sim A/B (2)  3:45-4:30NOC Sim A/B (2)  
4:15-5:00NOC Sim C/D (2)        
Monday, January 15, 2024Tuesday, January 16, 2024Wednesday, January 17, 2024Thursday, January 18, 2024Friday, January 19, 2024
8:00-9:00Morning Report8:00-9:00Morning Report8:00 - 12:00ACLS Testing8:00-9:00Morning Report8:00-9:00Morning Report
9:00-10:00Toxicology (1)9:00-9:15Break12:00-1:00Lunch9:00-10:00Vents/ABGs (1)9:00-11:00Levy Cup - Amazing Race (4)
10:00-10:45Handoffs (1)9:15-10:00Difficult Conversations (1)1:15-2:15Journal Club (4)10:00-11:00Cash for Cases (2)11:00-12:00Feedback
10:45-11:00Break10:00-11:00Ultrasound Findings and Skills (1)2:15-3:15Agitation (1)11:00-11:15Break12:00-1:00Lunch
11:00-12:00ACLS Videos, Sim Example (2)11:00-11:15Break3:15-4:15NOC Sim C/D (2)11:15-12:00End of life care/psychiatry topics (1)1:00-5:00ACLS Testing
12:00-12:30Lunch11:15-12:00Skills: Ultrasound (4)4:15-5:15NOC Sim A/B (2)12:00-1:00Lunch Panel: Residency and Wellness (1)  
12:30-1:30Peds Basics12:00-12:45Skills: Vascular Access/LP (4)  1:00-5:00Sepsis Stations  
1:30-2:15Efficiency and Task Management (1)12:45-1:15Lunch      
2:15-2:30Break1:15-2:00Skills: Rhythms and CPR (4)      
2:30-3:30NOC Sim C/D (2)2:00-2:45Skills: Intubation/Airway (4)      
3:30-4:30NOC Sim A/B (2)2:45-3:00Break      
  3:00-3:45NOC Sim A/B (2)      
  3:45-4:30NOC Sim C/D (2)      
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