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Prescription Coverage

Prescriptions can be placed through the University Health Services Pharmacy on Campus at a discounted rate.  

Please contact the pharmacy at 513-556-6091 with assistance in transferring prescriptions, or any additional questions.


Student Health Insurance Coverage Rates through UHS:

Tier 1 Drugs: $15

Tier 2 Drugs: $30

Tier 3 Drugs: $60


For more information regarding the UHS pharmacy on campus, please visit UHS Pharmacy.


Utilizing Pharmacy Benefits Outside of UHS:

You must first meet your deductible, and then a 20% co-insurance will be applied.

You will need to provide the following information to the pharmacist:

ID# = SRID# (located on your card)

Group# = SI40321

Bin# = 012924

PCN# = AMER9999


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