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UC Student Health Insurance Enrollment

Single Student Enrollment

For all students that meet eligibility, taking 6 or more credit hours, or enrolled in co-op, enrollment is automatic.  You can go to your student health insurance waiver to do, and if you would like to maintain coverage, click on enroll. Please note that taking no action on the service indicator will also result in remaining enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Family Plan Enrollment

Students who wish to enroll in family coverage must do so at the beginning of their enrollment for the fiscal year, unless a qualifying event occurs.  Students will be charged the premium at the beginning of the semester for the enrollment period.  Family plan coverage cannot be cancelled in the middle of the plan year.

Graduate Students, Opting into Coverage

For graduate students enrolled in less than 6 credit hours, you must complete the enrollment form by the term deadline or 15th day of the term.

Enrollment Form

For graduate students or students wanting to enroll in the family plan, please use the below link and email the form to

University of Cincinnati SHIP Enrollment Form (PDF)

Contact Us

UC Student Health Insurance

Please email us at  Please be sure to include your student M#.