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FAQ’s for UC Student Health Insurance

What if I am currently covered by my parent’s, my spouse’s, or my own insurance?
My waiver was denied, what do I do?
Who is eligible for the plan?
Is Dental and/or Vision included in the Student Health Insurance Plan?
What do I get for free under Student Health Insurance?
What is considered primary care?
Does the UC Student Insurance Plan provide mental health and substance abuse services?
Can I enroll my eligible dependents?
What is a qualifying event?
Where can I find my Student Health Insurance I.D. card?
Does this plan cover me when I am off campus, traveling, or studying abroad?
Will I be covered under the plan after I graduate?
For how long am I covered?
Once I’m enrolled in Student Health Insurance, can I terminate coverage and get a refund?
Can I use my 529 Plan to pay for student health insurance?

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