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Spring 2019 Seminar Series

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4/24/19 - Identifying and Controlling Air Pollution Exposure
Mei Tessum, PhD, MBBS
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4/17/19 - A Population-Based Organotypic Culture Model for High-Throughput Cardiotoxicity Risk Assessment
Ivan Rusyn, MD, PhD
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4/10/19 - The Interferon-inducible PYHIN-family Proteins in Inflammation and Autoimmune Diseases
Divaker Choubey, Ph.D.
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4/3/19 - The Worsening STD Crisis: Current Landscape and Future Directions
Robert D. Kirkcaldy, MD, MPH
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Panel Discussion: Robert D. Kirkcaldy, MD, MPH, Carolette Norwood, PhD, Eric Washington, Jason Blackard, PhD, and Tavon Hall. Moderated by Alison Sampson.
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3/27/19 - The Pulmonary Osteoclast in the Response to Inhaled Particulate Challenge
Francis X. McCormack, MD
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3/20/19 - No Seminar Scheduled

3/13/19 - Mitochondrial DNA Biomarkers in Environmental Health: New Technologies and their Implementation in Epidemiological Studies
Kelly J. Brunst, PhD, and Xiang Zhang, PhD
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3/6/19 - Integrative molecular epidemiology tools for understanding breast cancer risk
Melissa Troester, PhD, MPH
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2/27/19 - Novel Technologies Contribute to our Understanding of Why Some People are More Prone to Cancer than Others
Bevin P. Engelward, Sc.D.
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2/20/19 - Multigenerational Impacts of Uranium Mine Waste Exposures on Tribal Lands - Learning to Break the Cycle
Johnnye L. Lewis, Ph.D.
Seminar not recorded by request of the speaker

2/13/19 - Emerging Concepts in Pulmonary Fibrosis: The Role of Wilms' Tumor 1
Satish K Madala, Ph.D.
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2/6/19 - Development and Application of a Personal Monitor to Study Ultrafine Particles and Children's Health
Patrick H. Ryan, PhD
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1/23/19 - Increased Programmed Death-Ligand 1 is an Early Epithelial Cell Response to Helicobacter pylori Infection
Yana Zavros, Ph.D.
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1/16/19 - Historical characterization of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) exposure and health effects in the mid-Ohio River Valley population
Susan M. Pinney, PhD
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