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Diversity First Look Event

Dear Future MedCat,

Congratulations on your interview invitation to the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine! You have been invited to interview at Cincinnati Medicine because you are a highly competitive applicant and we are eager to introduce you to all that Cincinnati has to offer you on your path to becoming a physician. In addition to your interview, you have been invited to attend our Diversity First Look program, a unique experience designed to showcase the supportive diversity and inclusion programs offered by Cincinnati's Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The Diversity First Look event will occur prior to or after your interview day and are outlined in the email attachment you received upon being invited to interview. Please also be aware that the details of your subsequent interview day are found on your MedOneStop status page.

Please refer to the invitation letter sent to you by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for your First Look and interview day details. The First Look Event is NOT the same as an interview day (for details of your interview day, go to your MedOneStop status page). Additional general information and tips about interviewing with Cincinnati Medicine can also be found here.


Your Cincinnati Medicine Interview Experience

Please note that you will participate in BOTH of the following:

  • A pre-interview Diversity First Look experience (details in attachment sent by email)
  • A Cincinnati Medicine interview experience (details on your MedOneStop status page

How to Confirm Your Interview

To demonstrate your intention to attend BOTH the pre-interview Diversity First Look experience AND your subsequent interview, you must confirm your attendance via your MedOneStop status page. When you confirm your interview, you have confirmed BOTH your attendance to the Diversity First Look event and the subsequent interview. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Interview Format

Cincinnati Medicine uses the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). The MMI is a series of eight brief interview "stations" that are centered on a scenario.  Each station has its own interviewer (rater); consequently, you will be evaluated by eight different individuals.  MMI scenarios focus on issues such as communication, ethics, critical thinking, teamwork and personal attributes. Information regarding the MMI can be found online and through our MMI tab. You will receive an extensive overview about the MMI process on your interview day prior to completing the MMI.

Interview Tips

Applicants should dress in professional/business attire, which typically includes a suit coat.

Living in Cincy

Our City is as rich in history as it is vibrant! As the city that established the second oldest public medical school in the nation, we have always been characterized by a deep desire to grow, innovate, and reinvent. Proof of that orientation is evident by Cincinnati's routine ranking (and only Ohio City included) among this region's top attractions with respect to our historical character, local food scene, walkability, and cultural & arts experiences. Even though your interview with Cincinnati Medicine isn't yet allowing you to visit our beloved city, we hope to give you a quick taste with the following videos... Enjoy!

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