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Radiology Research Needs Assessment

Please complete this form if you require services from the University of Cincinnati Department of Radiology. The form should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

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Research Training Requirements 

Per IRB requirements, all researchers must complete CITI training to conduct clinical research. CITI refresher courses are mandatory every 3 years. 

CITI Program Link:

About Citi Program

While registering, please affiliate yourself with "Greater Cincinnati Academic and Regional Health Centers.'

Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training (CCTST) membership:  

All researchers should have a CCTST membership. CCTST has many resources for local researchers and CCTST hosts the local REDCap database for research.  

CCTST Registration Link:

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  • Retrospective Study (Umbrella IRB)

The Department of Radiology has an Umbrella Protocol to conduct retrospective, imaging related research and is approved by the UC Institutional Review Board. A comprehensive peer-review process is implemented for sub-studies under this umbrella protocol to ensure that the data used to answer questions is scientifically rigorous, beneficial and generalizable to the field of radiology science.

To conduct a retrospective study under the Radiology Umbrella Protocol, please complete the form in the link below and return to  Shantala Gangatirkar at or Monene Kamm at
Retrospective Study Submission Form

  • Prospective Study (Pre-review) 

In accordance with the UC Institutional Review Board (IRB), scientific review is required prior to submission to the IRB for non-exempt medical human research protocols. This scientific pre-review will not replace the IRB review, but the results will help the IRB complete their deliberations with a more complete understanding of the importance of the scientific question being addressed, as judged by experts in the field. Radiology Faculty or Staff who will conduct Prospective Research must submit their protocol to the Radiology Research and Development Committee. Please complete the following form and email Monene Kamm at

Radiology Pilot Grant

The UC Department of Radiology is committed to the pursuit of scientific discovery. As part of this commitment, the Department has a pilot funding process intended to help initiate and progress careers in radiology research. Substantial involvement of a member of the Department of Radiology is required for funding.

Researchers interested in grant application or new research may contact Monene Kamm at

Radiology Faculty and Staff who would like to apply for Department Grant funds may apply at (Name below PILOT GRANT APPLICATION): 

Pilot Grant Application

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