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Emergency Radiology

About the Division

The Emergency Radiology division provides comprehensive radiology interpretive and consultation support for all emergency and urgent inpatient imaging performed throughout the UCHealth system. This includes radiology services for the only level 1 Trauma center for the greater Cincinnati metro, as well as for the first primary stroke center in the region. Attending Emergency Radiology physicians in conjunction with night float radiology residents deliver continuous diagnostic radiology coverage throughout the evening and night 7 days a week, ensuring 24/7 attending radiologist final reads for all emergency department and urgent inpatient radiology examinations.  The timely interpretation of hundreds of STAT radiologic examinations performed throughout the evening and night ensures expedient triage and treatment for optimal patient care outcomes.

Clinical Subspecialized Exams

The Emergency Radiology team of physicians provide a versatile set of diagnostic skills in reading nearly the entire breadth of emergency and urgent inpatient imaging exams, ranging from plain radiography to ultrasound (US), Cat scan (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). More advanced imaging exams include those performed for stroke, complex post-operative symptoms or complications, MRI for emergent musculoskeletal and spine pathology, blunt and penetrating trauma, as well as CT and MRI angiography. While nuclear medicine exams are offered for emergent cases after hours, they are interpreted by the on-call nuclear medicine radiologists.

Division Highlights

  • Large volume of diagnostic imaging exams with breadth in complexity of pathology, modality, and organ system variety.
  • Professionally rewarding with time-critical radiologic diagnoses often leading to immediate potentially life-saving treatment.
  • Working together and in parallel with the on-call or night float radiology residents as a team in a collegiate environment promoting autonomy and decision-making skills, while providing attending support and feedback when needed.
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