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Photo of  Sarah Hamill Skoch, PhD

Sarah Hamill Skoch, PhD

Assistant Professor

Clinical Interest



Child Psychology

  • PHD: University of Wyoming
Contact Information
  • UC Health
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
  • Office 513-558-7700

Peer Reviewed Publications

Hamill Skoch, S.K., Hicks, P., Prieto-Hicks, X. 2012. The use of cognitive behavioral therapy in the treatment of resistant depression in adolescents Adolescent Health, Medicine and Therapeutics, 3 , 1-10.

Baird, G. L., Scott, W. D., Dearing, E., Hamill, S.K. 2009. Examining cognitive self-regulatory differences in LD and non-LD youth: Implicit theories of intelligence, academic self-efficacy, and academic goal preferences Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 28 7, 881-908.

Hamill, S.K., Scott, W.D., Dearing, E. & Pepper, C.P. 2009. Affective style and depressive symptoms in youth of a north American plains tribe: The moderating role of cultural identity and grade level Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, 47 , 110-115.

Scott, W.D., Dearing, E., Reynolds, W.R., Lindsay, J.E., Baird, G. L. & Hamill, S.K. 2008. Cognitive self-regulation and depression: Examining academic self-efficacy and goal characteristics in youth of a northern plains tribe Journal of Research on Adolescence, 18 2, 379-394.

Farabaugh, A., Ongur, D., Fava, M., Hamill, S.K., Burns, A.M., Alpert, J.E. 2005. Personality disorders and the tridimensional personality questionnaire factors in major depressive disorder Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 193 11, 747-750.

Papakostas, G.I., Iosifescu, D.I., Petersen, T., Hamill, S.K., Alpert, J.E., Nierenberg, A.A., Rosenbaum, J.F., Fava, M. 2004. Serum cholesterol in the continuation phase of pharmacotherapy with Fluoxetine in remitted major depressive disorder Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 24 4, 467-469.