Today is Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020

Medical Sciences Baccalaureate Program

College of Medicine Undergraduate Tribunal

The College of Medicine Undergraduate Tribunal serves to represent the undergraduate (baccalaureate) student population of the College of Medicine. If you are an undergraduate student, please feel free to submit comments or suggestions . Subscribe to the mailing list and receive regular updates on Tribunal happenings. If you would like more information about the Medical Sciences Tribunal, please visit their website for all up-to-date information! 



Minh ('19) | President

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

About Me: As Tribunal President, I’m excited to lead an awesome executive team to further develop and establish the Tribunal as a governing body for the students, by the students.

Fun Fact: I’ve had the same haircut for over a decade!


Farhan ('20) | Vice President

Hometown: Mason, OH

About Me: I’m excited to get to work with the different classes of MedSci to improve the major as a whole.

Fun Fact: I’m training for a marathon!

Nihar Rama

Nihar ('21) | Treasurer

Hometown: Mason, OH

About Me: I’m looking forward to more students getting both excited for and involved with the events and initiatives the UCCoM tribunal will begin to drive at a much more significant level.

Fun Fact: I’m convinced that tiramisu has the ability to heal.


Lauren ('20) | Secretary

Hometown: West Chester, OH

About Me: I am so excited to continue working with the MedCat Jr. team, and for each issue to be better than the last. I am also super stoked to take on some new initiatives to benefit MedSci.

Fun Fact: I have a tumor, and her name is Tabitha. She’s my pride and joy, and my favorite conversation starter.


Joanna ('20) | Senator

Hometown: Hebron, KY

About Me: I'm excited for UCCOM to be represented in Student Senate and for our tribunal to become more involved and have a stronger impact on MedSci students.

Fun Fact: One time I broke both of my wrists at the same time in a skiing accident.

Rahul Patel

Rahul ('21) | Senator

Hometown: West Chester, OH

About Me: I am excited to represent the undergraduate students in the College of Medicine. I cannot wait to work with everyone so that we as students can get the most out of our undergraduate experience and our college.

Fun Fact: I have seen the third highest mountain in the world and watched the sunrise over the Himalayas!

photo of the outside of the Medical Sciences Building at sunset