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Photo of  Jennifer J. Vannest, PhD

Jennifer J. Vannest, PhD

Associate Professor

  • Bachelor's Degree: Ohio State University
  • Doctoral Degree: Ohio State University
  • Postdoctoral : University of Michigan (Psychology)
  • Postdoctoral: University of Rochester (Brain and Cognitive Sciences)
Contact Information
Research Interests

Cognitive Neuroscience of Language and Memory (using functional MRI); Cognitive Effects of Epilepsy and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Peer Reviewed Publications

Boyne, P., Scholl, V., Doren, S., Carl, D., Billinger, S.A., Reisman, D.S., Gerson, M., Kissela, B., Vannest, J. and Dunning, K., 2020. Locomotor training intensity after stroke: Effects of interval type and mode. Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation, , 1

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