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Photo of Alexander Karabachev

Alexander Karabachev

Clinical Instructor

Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery | College of Medicine

  • MD: University of Vermont College of Medicine
  • BS: University of Nevada
Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Alexander D. Karabachev, Ricardo M. Aulet, William J. Brundage, Heather H. Herrington, Damon A. Silverman, Mitchell H. Tsai, Mirabelle B. Sajisevi 2021. Outcomes in patients with and without intraoperative parathyroid hormone testing for primary hyperparathyroidism: A retrospective observational analysis Perioperative Care and Operating Room Management, 23 ,

Jehangir, Waqas; Karabachev, Alexander; Tsao, Jackie; Anker, Christopher J; Garapati, Sree Susmitha; Kikut, Janusz K; Rehman, Hibba Tul 2021. Metastatic Malignant Paraganglioma Presenting as a Neck Mass Treated with Radiolabeled Somatostatin Analog. Case reports in oncological medicine, 2021 , 8856167

Karabachev, Alexander D; Grohmann, Nathan C; Sajisevi, Mirabelle 2021. Bilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis Secondary to Intrathyroidal Calcifications Following Remote Administration of Radioactive Iodine Therapy for Graves Disease. Ear, nose, & throat journal, 100 2, 110-111

Jehangir, Waqas; Karabachev, Alexander D; Mehta, Zankhana; Davis, Mellar 2020. Opioid-Related Sleep-Disordered Breathing: An Update for Clinicians. The American journal of hospice & palliative care, 37 11, 970-973

Jehangir, Waqas; Karabachev, Alexander; Jahangir, Taimoor; Umyarova, Elvira 2020. Myelodysplastic Syndrome with Transfusion Dependence Treated with Venetoclax. Case reports in hematology, 2020 , 9031067

Karabachev, Alexander D; Martini, Dylan J; Hermel, David J; Solcz, Dana; Richardson, Marcy E; Pesaran, Tina; Sarkar, Indra Neil; Greenblatt, Marc S 2020. Curated multiple sequence alignment for the Adenomatous Polyposis Coli (APC) gene and accuracy of in silico pathogenicity predictions. PloS one, 15 8, e0233673

Karabachev, Alexander; Aulet, Ricardo; Sajisevi, Mirabelle; Ciolino, Allison 2020. A case of secretory carcinoma of the submandibular gland with unusual immunohistochemical staining. Clinical case reports, 8 8, 1530-1533

Vest, Maxwell; Guida, Addison; Colombini, Cory; Cordes, Kristina; Pena, Diana; Maki, Marwa; Briones, Michael; Antonio, Sabrina; Hollifield, Carmen; Tian, Elli; James, Lucas; Borashan, Christian; Woodson, Johnnie; Rovig, John; Shihadeh, Hanaa; Karabachev, Alexander; Brosious, John; Pistorio, Ashley 2020. Closing the Gap Between Mammalian and Invertebrate Peripheral Nerve Injury: Protocol for a Novel Nerve Repair. JMIR research protocols, 9 8, e18706

Karney, Monika M; McKenna, Joy A; Weatherspoon-Griffin, Natasha; Karabachev, Alexander D; Millar, Makensie E; Potocek, Eliese A; Wing, Helen J 2019. Investigating the DNA-Binding Site for VirB, a Key Transcriptional Regulator of Shigella Virulence Genes, Using an In Vivo Binding Tool. Genes, 10 2,

Weatherspoon-Griffin, Natasha; Picker, Michael A; Pew, Krystle L; Park, Hiromichi S; Ginete, Daren R; Karney, Monika Ma; Usufzy, Pashtana; Castellanos, Maria I; Duhart, Juan Carlos; Harrison, Dustin J; Socea, Jillian N; Karabachev, Alexander D; Hensley, Christopher T; Howerton, Amber J; Ojeda-Daulo, Rosa; Immak, Joy A; Wing, Helen J 2018. Insights into transcriptional silencing and anti-silencing in Shigella flexneri: a detailed molecular analysis of the icsP virulence locus. Molecular microbiology, 108 5, 505-518