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Spring 2016 Seminar Series

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Spring 2016 Seminar Series

04/20/16 - Do In Vitro Mutagens Always Cause Cancer Via a Mutagenic Mode of Action (MOA)?
Lynne Haber
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04/13/16 - Considerations for Basic Design of Clinical Trials
Rong Zhou, PhD
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04/06/16 - Latino Scholar Public Lecture Series STEMS with Latin Roots
Ken Ramos, MD, PhD, PharmB
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03/30/16 - The UNC CHANCE Study: Adventures in the Molecular Epidemiology of Head & Neck Cancer
Andy Olshan, PhD
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03/23/16 - No Seminar, Spring Break Week

03/16/16 - Detection and Composition of Bacterial Communities in Waters using RNA-based Methods
Jorge W. Santo Domingo, Ph.D.
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03/09/16 - A Leap Beyond the Wearable's of Today: Non-Invasive Biomarker Sensing Through Sweat
Prof. Jason Heikenfeld
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03/02/16 - Endogenous Estrogen: Does Estrogen Metabolism Affect Cancer Risk?
Cher M. Dallal, PhD
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02/24/16 - Seminar Cancelled

02/17/16 - Therapeutic Risk Management Research & Regulatory Development for Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety
Jeff Jianfei Guo, BPharm, PhD
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02/10/16 - Interconnected network of circadian rhythms and cell cycle
Chris Hong, PhD
Seminar not recorded at the request of the speaker, PowerPoint available here. (PDF)

02/03/16 - Environmental Applications and Implications of Nanomaterials
Priyanka Bhattacharya, PhD
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01/27/16 - Lipids as targets for T cells and environmental pollutants
Shouxiong Huang, Ph.D.
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01/20/16 - News from the Nose: Toxic responses and therapeutic advances
Mary Beth Genter, PhD, DABT
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01/13/16 - The circadian clock network: implications for biology, medicine, and toxicology
John B. Hogenesch, PhD
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