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Photo of  Mary Beth B. Vonder Meulen, RN, CCRC

Mary Beth B. Vonder Meulen, RN, CCRC

Research Associate

Principal Research Assistant; Research Nurse

Family & Community Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Associate of Science: University of Cincinnati (Nursing, ADN Summa cum Laude)
Contact Information
Research Interests

Chronic Disease, Geriatric Nursing and Chronic Non-Malignant Pain.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Banerji, Mary Ann; Buse, John B; Younes, Naji; Krause-Steinrauf, Heidi; Ghazi, Adline; Lee, Melissa; Park, Jean; Pop-Busui, Rodica; Underkofler, Chantal; Fortmann, Stephen P 2024. Mortality in Glycemia Reduction Approaches in Diabetes: A Comparative Effectiveness Study (GRADE). Diabetes care, ,

Wilson, Marian; Dolor, Rowena J; Lewis, Daniel; Regan, Saundra L; Vonder Meulen, Mary Beth; Winhusen, T John 2023. Opioid dose and pain effects of an online pain self-management program to augment usual care in adults with chronic pain: a multisite randomized clinical trial. Pain, 164 4, 877-885

Winhusen, Theresa; Wilson, Marian; Dolor, Rowena J; Theobald, Jeff; Lewis, Daniel; Regan, Saundra L; Vonder Meulen, Mary Beth 2021. Design considerations for a remote randomized multi-site clinical trial evaluating an e-health self-management program for chronic pain patients receiving opioid therapy. Contemporary clinical trials, 101 , 106245

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Tubb, Matthew R; Vonder Meulen, Mary Beth; Pallerla, Harini; Regan, Saundra; Doarn, Charles R 2019. Clinical evaluation of e-Quit worRx: a mobile app to enhance smoking cessation shared decision making in primary care. mHealth, 5 , 22

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