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Forensic Pathology

Hamilton County Coroners Office

Length: 1 x 4 week-long blocks

Location: Hamilton County Coroner's Office

Rotation Director: Anne Laib, M.D.

Participating Faculty: Benjamin Criss, D.O.; Dorothy Dean, M.D.; Karen Looman, M.D.; Jennifer Schott, M.D.; Gretel Stevens, M.D.; and Russell Uptegrove, M.D.

During their second year, residents spend 4 weeks at the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office and Crime Laboratory.  There, they work side-by-side with board-certified forensic pathologists who direct the residents’ training in all areas of forensic autopsy at their brand-new facility in Blue Ash.

Residents learn the techniques required for conducting forensic autopsies, the legal implications of post-mortem findings, and the handling of evidentiary and toxicological materials.  Under the supervision of the faculty, residents participate is in a variety of autopsies not typically encountered in the hospital setting, including homicides, suicides, and accidental deaths, such as drug overdose and motor vehicle collisions. In addition, residents learn how to formulate cause of death statements for death certification.

In addition to forensic examinations, residents have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, such as observing a faculty member testify in court or accompanying a deputy coroner to a scene investigation.

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