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Doarn serves as co-editor of two books

Charles Doarn, professor in the Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences and director of the Master of Public Health program, is the co-editor of a new textbook on telehealth. The book “Telemedicine, Telehealth and Telepresence: Principles, Strategies, Applications and New Directions” was recently published by Springer International Publishing.
“The aim of this book is to bring all aspects of telemedicine and e-health to the reader, in a simple, make-sense approach, in one tome,” Doarn says. “The book is structured in four parts with 29 chapters written by experts in the field from around the world, including clinicians, scientists and administrators of telemedicine programs.”
Doarn authored five of the book’s 29 chapters.
Doarn also authored the chapter “Telemedicine” in the recently released book “Current Diagnosis and Treatment in Family Medicine,” published by McGraw Hill. The chapter provides a summary of what telemedicine and telehealth are and how they are being integrated into clinical practice and medical education. It lays out an historical timeline, defines terms, highlights empirical evidence, discusses challenges and barriers and clinical applications, and presents an update on the patient-centered health care system.
In January 2021, the Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer for NASA will release the book “Mishap Investigation Flight Surgeon Handbook” for which Doarn served as a co-editor. This handbook will be used by all NASA physicians during a mishap investigation of a spacecraft or other event where humans are injured or killed. It is a companion text to a larger, more comprehensive book on training, which will be published later next year. 
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