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Gallery of Awardees

The CoM Office of Research understands the challenges of successfully competing for funding to support faculty research programs and we want to celebrate our new awardees. We publicize those faculty who have been awarded external grants of $100,000/yr. or more in direct costs in a Gallery of Awardees. The Gallery is displayed in the CARE/Crawley Atrium and electronic posters will be posted on CoM digital signage and on Twitter. Besides celebrating our successful investigators, a brief synopsis of the award goals and pictures of the faculty are also included on the announcement so that other faculty interested in potential collaborations or seminars by our researchers can contact them. Please note that it may take 2-3 months before the Gallery of Awardees recognizes new awards due to the processing of data.

Gallery of Awardees FY2021

Atsuo Sasaki, PhD
Daniel Woo, MD, MS
Eva Akshitkumar Mistry, MD
Jun-Ming Zhang, MD, MSc,
Kenneth Sherman, MD, PhD
Kim B. Seroogy, PhD
Melissa Delbello, MD
Pooja Khatri, MD, MSc
Richard Branson, MSc, RRT
Thomas Thompson, PhD
Tiina A. Reponen, PhD
Timothy Pritts, MD, PhD

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