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COVID-19 Curricular Changes

Class of 2020 COVID-19 Curricular Changes
Class of 2021 COVID-19 Curricular Changes
Class of 2022 COVID-19 Curricular Changes
Class of 2023 COVID-19 Curricular Changes
Class of 2024 COVID-19 Curricular Changes
Class of 2025 COVID-19 Curricular Changes
Class of 2026 COVID-19 Curricular Changes
Other COVID-19 Changes

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UCCOM Medical Student Policies

Academic Status Appeal Process
Advancement and Retention Policy
Assessment/Examinations Policy for M1/M2
Assessment/Examination Policy for M3
Assessment of Student Performance by Faculty Healthcare Providers Policy
Attendance and Absences Policy - M1/M2
Attendance and Absences Policy - M3/M4
Class Rank System
Clinical Procedures/ Patient Encounters Checklist Policy
Clinical Supervision Policy
Disabilities: Student Policies and Procedures
Discrimination, Harassment, or Retaliation Reporting Policy
Dress Code for Medical Students in M3/M4
Dress Code for Medical Students in M1/M2
Duty Hours Policy
Electives Policy
Enrollment Categories Policy
FERPA and the Student’s Right to Review Records Policy
Grade Appeal Process
Grading System Policy
Graduation Competencies
Graduation Requirements
Guest Coater and Guest Hooder Policy
Honor Council Policy
Inclement Weather Policy
Health Insurance
Leave of Absence Policy
M1/2 Scheduling Policy
M1/2 Student Workload Policy
Medical Student Honor Code
Medical Student Shadowing Policy
Mid-Clerkship/AI Student Formative Feedback Policy
MSTP Max. Length of Study Policy
Narrative Assessment Policy
Parental Leave/Accommodations Policy
Performance and Advancement Committee Standards and Procedures
Principles Guiding Interactions between Teachers and Learners in Medicine
Program-Related Activity Policy
Religious Observance Policy
Required Course Evaluation Policy
Timeliness of Final Grades Policy
Toxicology Testing "For Cause" of Medical Students
Transportation Policy
Tuberculosis (TB) and Influenza (Flu) Immunization Requirements
Virtual Elective Policy
Virtual Orientation and Didactics Policy for M3/4 Students
Visiting Student Policy

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