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Tuition & Credit Balance Refunds

There are two types of refunds: (1) tuition refunds, and (2) credit balance refunds.

Tuition Refunds

Tuition refunds can occur when one or more dropped courses results in a decrease in total applicable tuition and fees for the term.  MD students are entitled to a 100% tuition credit for courses that are dropped on/by midnight on the 15th calendar day of the term, and no tuition credit refund (0%) for classes dropped after that date.  This refund policy is governed by UC Board of Trustees Rule 20-31-05 and carried out by the UC Bursar Office.

Students who withdraw completely past the 15th calendar day of a term because of circumstances beyond their control may consider submitting a Tuition Refund Application and supporting documentation in order to seek refund of their tuition (fees such as student health insurance, blood borne pathogen, and long-term disability typically are not refunded as students have already entered into the coverage period).  This application is reviewed by a university committee chaired by the main campus Assistant Dean of Students.

Credit Balance Refunds

A credit balance refund occurs when the posting of all aid (scholarships, loans, and other payments) exceed all charges posted to a student account.  Ten days before a term begins, the earliest legal day to do so, the University starts receiving Federal loans on behalf of students.  Students with a credit balance will soon after begin receiving refunds of their available term credit balance.  This refund process is generally done through direct deposit and is carried out by the University's Bursar Office.

Personal payments (checks, money orders, credit cards, etc.) are held until after the University's add/drop date on the 16th day of the term.  Thereafter, student accounts are reviewed weekly for credit balances that may develop on student's accounts for various reasons.

All UCCOM students are strongly advised to sign up for direct deposit (incoming students have access to do so typically in July before their first term).  To enroll in direct deposit through Catalyst and to see a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the refund process visit UC Bursar.

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