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Patho-slideDirector: Dr. Ady Kendler
Neuropathologists: Drs. Matthew Hagen and Ady Kendler

In the Neuropathology Division, we have two board-certified neuropathologists who work closely with neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, neurologists, and rheumatologists, to provide the best care possible for patients with diseases of the nervous system.

Neuropathology teaches medical students, P.A., nursing students, UC Pathology residents, and hospital residents and fellows from all the above specialties. We participate in many clinical conferences, tumor boards and give didactic lectures. Neuropathology is an integral part of basic and clinical research regarding disease processes, and we participate in studies with scientists from across the University.

We perform intraoperative tissue examination in order to identify a CNS tumor during brain surgery and direct the neurosurgical approach, we examine histologic preparations of brain tumors in order to determine their aggressiveness and prognosis, and we identify important proteins expressed and genes activated in tumor cells, all of which may dictate the types of chemotherapy, radiation or immunotherapy that are administered following surgery. We examine 350 brain tumor biopsies or resections each year.

Neuropathologists examine muscle biopsies from patients who have a myopathy or neuropathy, and discuss the results with neurologists, and rheumatologists to help identify the muscle disease and direct treatment. We examine 50 muscle biopsies each year.

We also examine the brains at autopsy of patients who have had neurodegenerative diseases and dementia in order to identify the cause and to provide information that may be helpful to neurologists and family members regarding the disease process and any genetic/hereditary implications.

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