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Surgical Pathology

Patho-slideMedical Director: Dr. Jiang Wang
Surgical Pathologists: Drs. Randy Butler, Baojin Fu, Matthew Hagen, Doug Johnson, Ady Kendler, Shagufta Khan, Fred Lucas, Sreeharsha Masineni, Julie Qualtieri, Megan Smith, Jiang Wang, Huaitao Yang

The expertise of subspecialized pathologists and on-site state-of-the-art histology lab allow us to provide prompt and timely diagnosis and excellent environment for teaching, research and training. We work closely with clinicians and provide state-of-the-science prognostic and therapeutic information to clinicians. Four pathologists' assistants help with specimen grossing and resident teaching. Pathology residents rotating in surgical pathology are actively integrated into the workflow.

Approximately 25,000 cases are examined by 12 faculty pathologists in this division each year. We receive specimens from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and West Chester Hospital in addition to outreach customers. The specimens include routine biopsy and highly complex surgical cases.

We provide consult in:

  • GI, Pancreas and Liver Pathology
    Jiang Wang, MD, Ph.D
    Baojin Fu, MD
  • Breast and Gynecologic Pathology
    Ady Kendler,  MD, Ph.D, Gynecologic
    Shagufta Khan, MD, Breast
  • Head & Neck Pathology
    Randy Butler, MD
    Matthew Hagen, MD, Ph.D
  • Genitourinary Pathology
    Sreeharsha Masineni, MD
  • Thoracic Pathology:
    Jiang Wang, MD, Ph.D
    Randy Butler, MD
  • Eye Pathology
    Matthew Hagen, MD, Ph.D


Department of
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

UC Health University Hospital
Laboratory Medicine Building,
Suite 110
234 Goodman Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219-0533

Phone: (513) 584-7284
Fax: (513) 584-3892