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Class of 2027 Medical Pediatrics Residents

Class of 2027

Photo of  Danielle Cannon
Danielle Cannon

Bio:  Danielle hails from Tucson, Arizona and graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Physiology. After graduating she worked as a research assistant studying a mouse model of menopause and susceptibility to cardiovascular disease. After matriculating to Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY she was active in advancing Med-Peds interest and mentorship by working to create an Upstate Faculty and Alumni Med-Peds directory and served as president of the Upstate Med-Peds Interest Group. She was also involved nationally with the student advocacy groups within the National Med-Peds Residency Association. During her time in medical school Danielle was active in A Tiny Home for Good, an organization that provides safe, affordable housing for those experiencing homelessness. A needs assessment she conducted for the organization led to the development of a permanent Community Navigator position to assist patients. In recognition of her academic, leadership, and service performance at SUNY Upstate she was elected to the AOA honor society. We are thrilled to have such a strong leader committed to service joining our Med-Peds family.

Why I Chose Cincinnati: During my residency search, I was looking for a program with a strong Med-Peds culture and combined, patient-centered medical home (PCMH) clinic, psychologically safe environment and community amongst residents, supported advocacy efforts, and abundant fellowship opportunities. I found this all plus more at the University of Cincinnati! During my interview day, there was a strong sense of community amongst the faculty and residents with an emphasis on keeping all residents rotating together during their first two years to foster shared experiences. The faculty were incredibly personable, supportive, and resident-focused – clearly reflective in their own roles, saying how proud we should be of our accomplishments, and prioritizing best learning practices for residents with pioneering medical education research and patient-centered rounds. Moreover, the day of the Match I received so many kind calls and emails from the faculty! The Med-Peds program was also very proud of their surrounding Cincinnati community and interactions with their community. There are social justice and advocacy programs present on both the IM and Peds sides, many residents are involved in local and national advocacy efforts (many of whom I already looked up to with their involvement in NMPRA before realizing they were Cincinnati residents!), and even within my first week of being here the Med-Peds clinic was organizing to march in the local Pride Parade. Not to mention the surrounding community is so genuinely nice, from tenants in my apartment building helping my partner and I move-in to the local Kroger’s florist helping us feel welcomed to our new community. This is all in addition to the excellence of both the IM and Peds programs, the support demonstrated by the Med-Peds program for the couples match process, abundant fellowship programs (including in ACHD!), and all the fun that my partner and I have enjoyed in our first week here in the city (Reds baseball game, FC Cincinnati game, Cincinnati Zoo, walking along Smale Park, Graeter’s ice cream, best breakfast joint ever, etc.)! 

Image of Evan Gies
Evan Gies

Bio: After earning is Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, Evan matriculated to our home medical school, the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine (UCCOM). As an undergraduate, he was a research assistant in the Roeder Research Lab where he participated in research that utilized different methods of preparing zinc oxide nanoparticles to be used in materials science and chemical sensors. He was also a member of Notre Dame’s Rowing Team. At UCCOM Evan was a member of the Geriatric Medical Student Scholars Program and served as a senior clinic manager for the student-run free clinic. In the summer of 2020 he was an intern for the Urban Health Project where he developed and executed a produce prescription pilot program in conjunction with the Healthy Harvest Mobile Market for low-income patients who struggled with food insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a medical student Evan has also been active with UCCOM’s Med Mentors program and served as a COVID-19 community volunteer. We are very lucky to have such a strong community advocate joining our program!


Why I Chose Cincinnati: I chose Cincinnati Med Peds because I found they shared my interests in advocacy, service, and medical education. I am grateful to have attended UCCOM for medical school, where I was impressed with the supportive and welcoming environment of both categorical residencies and the combined program. When considering Cincinnati, I knew I would be able to work with a large range of patients while working in hospitals that serve as both safety net hospitals and national referral centers. I felt the program would allow me to be an advocate for my patients and continually push for better outcomes. Finally, I loved watching how residents interacted with each other and leadership on my interview day, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that community!

Image of Ashalie Gonsoulin
Ashalie Gonsoulin

Bio: Ashalie is originally from Louisiana and attended Louisiana State University for her undergraduate  training, earning a BS in Biological Sciences. She then pursued an MPH from Claremont Graduate University and during that time, she founded the Ruwach Community Health Initiative to improve the health of her home parish through health education. After matriculating at St. George’s University School of Medicine, she became very involved in the local and national chapters of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA), serving as research coordinator of the SGU chapter and Membership, Education, and Communications Subcommittee Chair of the national SNMA. She has participated in advocacy through drafting official policy statements on wealth inequity, childhood obesity, and maternal mortality. She has shown a dedication to the community through her work as the coordinator of her school’s diabetes free clinic. In addition, Ashalie has shown a dedication to fellow students through leadership in mentoring and tutoring via multiple groups and avenues. We are so excited to have a dedicated and community-oriented health advocate join our program this summer!

Why I Chose Cincinnati: I knew early on that I wanted a Med-peds program with strong academics in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and a commitment to addressing the health inequities that plague our healthcare system. The University of Cincinnati easily checked all of those boxes for me. What truly blew me away and made me want to train here was the innovative approach to medical education that focused on compassion towards your patients and yourself, advocacy, evidence-based learning and truly nurturing young physicians. I knew that by coming to UC I would be in a place with leadership that truly appreciated my unique journey and perspective and that's dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment to learn and grow into a great physician. 

Image of Rachel Holloway
Rachel Holloway

Bio: Rachel is from Mason, OH. She received her BS in Biological Sciences and Neuroscience from University of Cincinnati and stayed at UC for medical school. Rachel has a passion for medical education and was one of the first students to participate in a novel competency-based education pathway in the College of Medicine. She also completed the Medical Student Scholars Program in Nutrition. Her love of education led to multiple scholarly projects including a systematic review of pass/fail curricula in undergraduate medical education and the investigation of natural language processing as a tool to assess learner competency. She also completed the longitudinal Clinical Teaching Elective, helping her gain advanced educator competencies. During medical school she was a co-producer of the highly successful UnsCripted Medicine Podcast and the Cribsiders Podcast. Rachel was a student representative for the Improving Gender Equity Task Force and the Curriculum Committee. Her service to the community and the medical school led to her election into the Gold Humanism Society. We so excited to have Rachel as part of our Med-Peds family, and we look forward to her sharing her advanced education skills with our residents and medical students.

Why I Chose Cincinnati: I am grateful to have attended medical school at UCCOM, and throughout my training here, there were numerous aspects of the program that made me fall in love with Cincinnati Med-Peds. First, the patient population. Having grown up in Cincinnati, I sought to serve and advocate for the city that raised me. While in medical school, I discovered a huge need for providers to invest in our underserved communities, and in this way, Cincinnati seemed to be strongly committed to community outreach and advocacy. Second, the Med-Peds program genuinely feels like a tight-knit family, with residents and faculty integrating seamlessly into (and strengthening) both categorical programs. Additionally, the Med-Peds faculty love to mentor and invest in their students and residents, which I felt as a student. Finally, I found that Cincinnati was exceptionally equipped to foster my various passions in medicine, including Medical Education and Gender-Diverse Care. Overall, Cincinnati truly felt like home, and I am grateful to continue my training at such an outstanding program.

Image of Chesley Miller
Chelsey Miller

Bio: Chelsey Miller hails from Swanton, OH, and received her BA in English Literature from Miami University. After matriculating at our own University of Cincinnati College of Medicine for medical school, Chelsey was selected to join the Medical Student Scholars Program in Child and Adolescent Health, engaging in educational enrichment in Pediatrics. She was involved in research on medical student wellness and presented her findings and recommendations at the AMA Change MedEd Conference. Chelsey worked to improve the medical care of children with medical complexity by working on a QI project to improve discharge processes. She served her community through her roles as a Med Mentor, mentoring a local elementary student, and through her Service Learning Project, educating students about the dangers of tobacco and vaping. She has also been heavily involved in the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) organization as the Director of Programming, supporting the education of students on leadership and service. She engaged with the Med-Peds community locally as the Med-Peds Interest Group Chair and nationally as a member of the NMPRA Advocacy Task Force. Chelsey was elected to the AOA Honor Society for her impressive medical school performance. We are excited to have this thoughtful leader and wellness champion joining our residency this summer!

Why I Chose Cincinnati: I knew I wanted to stay in Cincinnati because of its strong Med-Peds Continuity Clinic. Having been able to rotate in the Med-Peds clinic as a third year medical student, I got to see first-hand how residents are able to serve the Cincinnati community. The resources available to patients through the clinic would allow me to better manage their overall health and wellness, such as on-site psychiatry and social work. Additionally, the modified X+Y clinic schedule would allow me to better focus on my outpatient responsibilities during designated blocks that help me get an idea for what my future career might look like as someone who is interested in transitional care and outpatient primary care. I am so excited to take on the role of primary care provider for my patients as a resident and have the ability to recruit patients during my inpatient services to curate a patient panel that grants me experience managing conditions I will see as an attending provider. Additionally, the clinic quality improvement projects will show me ways to collect data that improves my ability to deliver care and improve the overall wellness of my patients. Because of this clinic, I know I will be fully prepared to practice in the outpatient setting after four years of residency.

Image of Whitney Nichols
Whitney Nichols

Bio: Whitney is originally from Portsmouth, VA and attended University of Virginia for her undergraduate training, earning a BAS in Cognitive Science. She then pursued a MS in Clinical and Translational Research from Georgetown University. Whitney worked as a clinical research coordinator and clinical data coordinator at MedStar Health Research Institute before matriculating to the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University. During medical school, Whitney completed a fellowship for the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights, where she engaged in critical global issues of human rights centered on racial justice, minority rights, and religious freedom. She served on the SNMA National Board of Directors and was the Region VII Associate Regional Director, coordinating the Regional Leadership Conference for over 200 medical and pre-medical students in over 9 states, which was the largest conference to date for the region. Whitney’s amazing leadership and advocacy efforts led to her being inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society. We are so grateful that Whitney has joined our Med-Peds family, and we can’t wait to see her leadership help launch transformational change!

Why I Chose Cincinnati: I was looking for a Med-Peds program that had a stand alone children's hospital, and was wowed by the reviews and accolades of Cincinnati Children's. However, on interview day, Dr. Warm's presentation really sealed the deal. He demonstrated how learning and teaching happens at UC in the IM department and I left interview day knowing that this was something I wanted to be a part of. After interview day, I had an opportunity to visit and meet all of the Med-Peds residents. I was blown away by the support they showed each other, the overall camaraderie of the program, and the opportunities they had to learn and grow. After that weekend I knew that this would be the Med-Peds program for me! Huge bonus that Cincinnati has all the perks of a big city, with a hometown feel!

Image of Samantha Schoenl
Samantha Schoenl

Bio: After earning her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Wake Forest University she matriculated to the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University. As a medical student she was active in various research projects focusing on hypertension management in LGBTQ+ patients, management of NSTEMIs pre and post-COVID, and management of hypertension in rural and urban areas. This work resulted in three peer reviewed publications as a medical student. Samantha is committed to working with underserved and vulnerable population, and hopes to continue this work in her future career. As a medical student she volunteered at the Athens Free/Medial Partnership Mobile Clinic, the Student Homeless Day Center clinic, and the Good Samaritan Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric Clinic. In recognition of her commitment to service, humanism, and leadership she was inducted Gold Humanism Honor Society. Having established herself as a productive scholar, strong leader, and advocate for vulnerable populations, we are so blessed to have Danielle joining our program!

Why I Chose Cincinnati: My priorities in choosing a residency program included three main factors: a stand-alone children’s hospital, opportunities for clinical research, and a strong commitment to resident education. Cincinnati’s Med-Peds program successfully fulfilled all these objective measures. However, what truly stood out was how well the program “fit.” During the interview and second-look days, I had the chance to interact with residents and faculty who embodied the type of physician I aspire to become. Their “growth mindset” was evident, and despite their impressive academic achievements, their dedication to prioritizing the patient first was paramount. I felt assured that this program would train me to become a highly competent and well-rounded physician, while still preserving the joy of caring for patients that initially drew me to medicine.

In addition to the program itself, Cincinnati as a city offers an affordable cost of living coupled with numerous amenities found in larger urban areas. I am excited to explore the local coffee shops and running trails!

Jennifer K. O'Toole, MD, MEd, SFHM
Program Director
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