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MP Class of 2026

Class of 2026

Photo of  Drew Cox
Drew Cox

Bio: Drew earned his undergraduate degrees from the University of Missouri – Kansas City in Biology and Chemistry, as well as Spanish and Lantix studies. He attended medical school at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and will graduate with his MD and a Masters in Population Medicine. During medical school he conducted research to assess the efficacy of a nutrition education program in improving the nutrition literacy of parents of children with elevated BMIs. He was also the founder and leader of the Summer Health and Nutrition Education program, a 6-week summer program for children with elevated BMIs. He has shown dedication to underserved patients through his roles as director of the Clinica Esperanza Free Clinic and as a social services volunteer at the JayDoc Free Clinic. In recognition of his academic excellence, Drew was elected to the AOA Honor Society. We are excited to have such a bright, community- and patient-focused individual joining our program! 

Why I Chose Cincinnati: Cincinnati's Med-Peds program stood out to me for several reasons. First, the program provides access to two outstanding categorical programs, and the Med-Peds program manages to not get lost in the mix. There are so many unique Med-Peds opportunities here that I am ecstatic to be a part of. Second, I was impressed by the program’s commitment to the Cincinnati community as leadership provided numerous examples of projects dedicated to expanding healthcare access to under-resourced parts of the city. Finally, the sincerity and passion of the Med-Peds leadership and residents was remarkable, and I knew I would be well-supported by this group throughout my time in residency. My first time in Cincinnati was on my moving day, and I have loved my time here so far!

Image of Megan Gallagher
Megan Gallagher

Bio: Katie hails from South Bend, IN, and earned her BS in History from the University of Notre Dame. After graduating from undergrad, she worked as a clinical informatics specialist for a primary care clinic in Indianapolis for a year before attending medical school at our home institution. While a student at UCCOM she has pursued many interests including serving the underserved through multiple volunteer activities. She also worked with the adult Cystic Fibrosis team on a quality improvement project aimed at improving outpatient clinic documentation. She served as the Co-Chair of the Med-Peds Interest Group and through her leadership initiated a mentorship program between current residents and M4 students applying to Med-Peds residencies. She also co-founded and co-chaired the Pro-Life Advocacy Group, through which she helped organize educational, advocacy, and service events at UCCOM. Outside of school, she was a member of the UCCOM Choir and shared her vocal talents at several annual events. We are lucky to have such a great leader and patient-centered individual joining our program! 

Why I Chose Cincinnati: I was blessed to be able to attend UCCOM for medical school, and there are so many reasons why I chose to stay in Cincinnati for residency. First, is the patient population. I knew I wanted to train somewhere that I could treat both the community in which I lived and worked, as well as see the breadth of pathologies that come to UC/CCHMC as referral centers. Second, is how invested residents and faculty at Cincinnati are in education. Throughout my time in medical school, I always felt like I had the support I needed to succeed, and was given the grace to make mistakes and learn from them. During my med-peds interview day, the residents described similarly positive experiences, and the faculty demonstrated their dedication to fostering a positive learning environment. Finally, I love how connected the med-peds community is at Cincinnati. There is such a strong med-peds identity that still allows for residents to be fully integrated into the categorical pediatrics and internal medicine programs. I am absolutely thrilled to continue my medical training in Cincinnati, and cannot wait to see the next four years have in store!

Image of Clara Mao
Clara Mao

Bio: Hailing from Massachusetts, Clara Mao received her undergraduate degree in Biology from Brown University. Following she matriculated to Brown University School of Medicine where she volunteered as a scribe for the Brown Human Rights Asylum Clinic, served as co-lead of the Med-Peds Interest Group and refugee health and advocacy elective, and served as a sexual education instructor for 7th grade students. As a medical student, Clara was part of research that involved a retrospective chart review on phlebotomy and prevalence of cardiovascular and venous thromboembolic events in COPD patients with secondary polycythemia. She also developed a Pediatric Clinical Skills Curriculum for pre-clerkship medical students as part of her scholarly concentration in medical education. This work was presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies and the Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics annual meetings and has been submitted to MedEdPORTAL for publication. Clara has also served as an Assistant Producer on the Cribsiders Podcast. In recognition of her academic, service, and leadership excellence, Clara was inducted into both the AOA and Gold Humanism Honor Societies as a medical student. We are delighted to have this rising medical educator and tireless advocate for refugees joining our program!

Why I Chose Cincinnati: On my interview day, I was immediately drawn to Med-Peds at Cincinnati because of the warmth and strong sense of community I got from talking to residents and program leadership. Cincinnati offered everything I was looking for in residency: a distinct Med-Peds identity, integration into strong categorical programs, and a diverse patient population. I was particularly impressed by the emphasis on medical education and the thoughtful approach to teaching and learning. I loved how supportive and happy everyone seemed, and I am so excited to be joining the Cincy Med-Peds family!

Image of Alexus Rias
Alexus Rias

Bio: Alexus is originally from Mississippi and attended Rhodes College for her undergraduate training where she studied Biology, Anthropology, and Sociology. While there, she received the Francis and Edwyna Hickman Award for her capstone research project entitled, “Are they aware? Medical students’ perceptions of bias in a culturally competent era”. She then matriculated to University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine for medical school where she had an incredible impact on her school, classmates, and patients. Alexus served at the as a community outreach assistant at the Wellness and Stress Clinic, providing primary healthcare to patients who are uninsured or underserved. She also served as an executive board member for the Council for International and Area Outreach. In her free time, she enjoys kickboxing, reading, and hiking. We are so thankful that Alexus is bringing her brilliance and leadership to our Med-Peds family! 

Why I Chose Cincinnati: When surveying residency programs, I prioritized a couple of key traits: diversity and commitment to resident education, growth, and well-being. UC had all of these in spades. They showed not only a commitment to the presence of diversity but demonstrated a genuine dedication to the inclusion of diversity at every level of training and authority. The patient population also consists of a vast array of individuals that I hoped to have the privilege of learning from and caring for. Additionally, this program boasts a world class pedagogical approach to resident education (Dr. Warm’s presentation was amazing!) that was unmatched by other programs. And last but not least, I felt at home here. I laughed, joked, and felt most comfortable with the people I met at UC during interview day, second look events and other virtual hangouts. More than anything else, this feeling convinced me that Cincy would be a place where I would be genuinely accepted and surrounded by wonderful, happy people who would help lovingly mold me into the physician I aspire to become everyday.

Image of Tyler Rutherford
Tyler Rutherford

Bio: Tyler Rutherford graduated from Stevenson University with a BS in Biochemistry and Psychology. Following he spent two years as a research coordinator for the Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland where he worked on patient outcome-based projects. As a medical student at Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Tyler served as the President of the Pride Alliance and as a planning committee member for the LGBTQ+ Health and Wellness Conference (in collaboration with One Iowa, the state’s primary LGBTQ+ political and social advocacy group). He also did research as a medical student on gun violence in the state of Iowa and on adverse hospital events in patients with undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea and type II diabetes. In recognition of his academic, service, and leadership excellence as a medical student, Tyler was elected to both the Sigma Sigma Phi and Gold Humanism Honor Societies. We are honored to have this tremendous leader and advocate joining our Med-Peds family! 

Why I Chose Cincinnati: After deciding to pursue Med-Peds, I knew I wanted a program with both extremely strong categorical programs and a focus on advocacy, research, and medical education. More importantly, I was in search of a program where I would instantly feel at home. The moment I exited out of Zoom, I knew that Cincinnati Med-Peds was the program for me. From the pre-interview social to my time with the program leadership and faculty, I felt comfortable and supported. It was evident that each interviewer spent time reading my application and took real interest in my work. I recall discussing with Dr. O’Toole my research involving rural gun violence and my LGBTQ+ based advocacy work. She was not only eager to learn more about these topics, but also why they were so important to me. Every follow up question was genuine, and I felt as if I was able to be my authentic self throughout our conversation. Throughout the day, it was clear that my voice would be uplifted at this program and that the connection between program leadership and residents was strong. I was confident that Cincinnati Med-Peds would support my professional goals including fellowship, medical education, and advocacy work all while ensuring my personal health and well-being. Cincinnati itself is a short flight from home and is a city filled with a robust music and art scene, great food, and always something to do on a day off!

Image of Francesca Siegel
Francesca Siegel

Bio: Francesca is originally from our very own Cincinnati, where she stayed to earn her undergraduate degree in Dietetics, where she was awarded the Outstanding Dietetics Student Award. She remained at UC for her master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences receiving the Outstanding Nutrition Student Scholarship, conducting research, and also briefly serving as interim adjunct professor for UC’s Nutrition Science Department. She then matriculated to the Ohio State University for medical school where her presence benefited both her colleagues and patients. She volunteered at La Clinica Latina, Ohio State's local free Hispanic clinic, and served as her LMSA chapter’s event coordinator. She also developed her POCUS prowess as an active member of the OSU Ultrasound Interest Group, completing beginner, intermediate, and advanced extracurricular ultrasound training courses. Francesca loves all things fitness-related, reading, cooking/baking, and trying new restaurants. We are so grateful she decided to return to her hometown to share her amazing skillset with our patients and residency program!

Why I Chose Cincinnati: Since beginning my career in medicine, I knew I wanted to return to my beloved hometown of Cincinnati and give back to the people I care so deeply for. Cincy Med-Peds offered the community, commitment to service, and academic rigor I was looking for. Cincinnati boast not only top notch training, but the vibrant and warm Med-Peds family I was looking for. From program leadership, to interns, to administrative staff, the amount of love and support I felt was truly unlike any other program I interviewed with. Cincinnati is leading the way in terms of medical education, commitment to patient outcomes, research, and advocacy. All these achievements, coupled with the amazing folks here at Cincinnati, in an affordable city with big city fun, makes Cincy Med-Peds the best place on earth to start the next chapter of my medical career.

Image of Robert Wendroth
Robert Wendroth

Bio: Robert Wendroth hails from Lexington, Kentucky and received his BS in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Kentucky. After matriculating to the University of Louisville for medical school, Robert was involved in research examining the effects of vaping on adolescents and young adults (VAPERACE project). He also served as vice president of the Pediatric Interest Group, lead organizer of the Gun Violence Prevention Week, peer mentor, and cellist in the Medical Student Music Initiative. During his second year he also served as Director of the GLOH Free Clinic, a student-run clinic focusing on providing free well-child checks and school sports physicals. In recognition of his academic excellence during medical school, Robert was elected to the AOA Honor Society. We are thrilled to have this thoughtful and skilled leader and scholar (who also has a strong family connection to our program!) joining our residency this summer!

Why I Chose Cincinnati: UC Med-Peds checked all the objective boxes in my program spreadsheet even before the interview, from program strength, to location, to free food for residents. The people that I met on interview day are what really sold the program. There was an impressive openness and familiarity among residents and program leadership throughout the process. This, combined with a culture of intentionality in resident education that came across from Dr. Warm’s talk, set the standard for the rest of my interview season, and was never matched. I can see myself becoming a stronger advocate for my patients clinically, through research, and through legislative advocacy at UC because I will be working alongside leading experts in these aspects of medicine. Personally, Cincinnati gives me and my partner the opportunity to explore a vibrant new city that is still close to our sources of support. Alongside the wide support network found at UC Med-Peds, we are looking forward to making Cincinnati our home

Jennifer K. O'Toole, MD, MEd, SFHM
Program Director
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