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Academic Research Services (ARS)

ARS provides support to investigators and faculty within the Department of Internal Medicine (DOIM) to cultivate a positive, productive, innovative, and growing research program. We work with the Associate Chairs of Research to support investigators in their research, regulatory, and administrative needs.

The ARS staff coordinates and prepares an Annual Research Report, monthly Research Conferences, annual Research Symposium and the Intramural Research Awards competition. These departmental research programs and initiatives foster collaboration and innovation among trainees, faculty and others.

“We support faculty and trainees and enable them to focus on science and not so much on the administrative work."  Wess.

Send a message to ARS to inquire about any of the department’s programs and initiatives.

ARS Administrative Services Staff


Angela Duke, BS

Associate to, Academic Research Services

ARS Grant Writing Services Staff

Grant Writing, Manuscript Preparation and Funding Application Review
Please contact Eric Smith as soon as you decide to submit a funding/grant proposal. All requests are accepted, but for the most thorough review and editing, requests should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the internal due date.

Be advised that most full proposals are due to your grant administrator no less than five business days before the official due date. Eric can assist with scientific review and writing, editing, producing bio sketches, budgets, letters of intent, letters of support, organizing and planning your formal application, grant organization and planning, English as second language (ESL) review, completion of an Individual Development Plan (IDP), collaborate with your division business administrators (BA) and assigned grant administrators (GA) on application, funding package preparation,  referral to a biostatistician (no cost to members of the Department of Internal Medicine) and referral to the College of Medicine's 60-day Grant Pre-Review Program. Services include pre-submission review services to assist investigators in the DOIM with grant preparation and grant writing activities, including NIH bio sketches, budget preparation, and grant packaging. Our goal is to assist with submission or resubmission of quality proposals with a foundation of improved grant planning and funding matching.


Eric Smith, MD

Research Scientist, Academic Research services

ARS Lab Processing Services

The IM Division Lab Services are provided in collaboration with the UC Retrovirology Reference Laboratory (UCRRL) and with support from the IM Academic Research Services (ARS) office staff.

The UCRRL is a specialty lab that contributes to scientific discovery by providing high-quality laboratory support for clinical and translational research studies. Since 1987, the UCRRL has provided laboratory infrastructure for the design and implementation of observational studies and clinical trials conducted at UC and sponsored by a variety of sources including NIH, DoD, and pharmaceutical industry. Laboratory processing at UCRRL is focused on but not limited to the areas of Molecular Biology, Virology, Immunology, and Pathology. Client services are available to investigators, research networks, industry, and others for the purposes of research studies. The UCRRL specialty laboratory is an expert in processing PBMCs, plasma, serum, urine, stool, cerebrospinal fluid, and tissue samples. Short-term storage in -80°C freezer is available and the team is certified in shipping biohazardous materials in compliance with IATA regulations.  Temporary -8O0C freezer storage space available by request during our regular business hours [up to 30 days] on a first-come, first-served basis.

As a reference laboratory, the UCRRL utilizes approved commercial kits and validated in-house assays following the package inserts and standard laboratory procedures. Laboratory procedures are well documented in the protocol manual and subject to the appropriate quality control procedures. Tests performed for diagnostic purposes comply with ACTG, UC, ODH, CLIA, and HPTN regulations. All UCRRL lab staff maintain compliance with required CITI, GCLP, OSHA, and UC safety training.

To request lab or back-up freezer services please complete the appropriate request for services form and send all necessary documents to Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm by appointment only.

ARS Regulatory Services Staff

ARS Regulatory serves as the liaison between Researchers, the IRB of record, and the sponsor.  Our services ensure that each study meets the regulatory requirements and compliance for the Institution, the IRB of record, and the Sponsor for research studies within the Department of Internal Medicine.  We provide the study team with updated IRB communications and IRB approved documents, allowing them to focus on the clinical aspects of research while we focus on the regulatory operations.  We work with the study team to keep efficient regulatory records and work with sponsors on the monitoring of regulatory documentation throughout the life of a study.  Essentially, our goal is to keep the IRB informed, the sponsor files in order, and our research team able to focus on research. 

ARS Research Financial Services (RFS) Staff

ARS Financial Services provides clinical trial financial oversight and management within the Department of Internal Medicine by designing and implementing best practices for centralized services and  divisional responsibilities.

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