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Physician Scientist Training Program

As COVID-19 continues to affect every aspect of our lives, the Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) at the University of Cincinnati, will continue to provide the highest level research-based residency program for training high quality physician scientists. We have prided ourselves in closely following the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) guidelines for training while offering close mentorship, with ample flexibility, to our trainees in order to ensure that their clinical and research skills progress according to each individual’s needs.

Residents typically spend two years training in Internal Medicine, one to two years in fellowship training and three years in the laboratory or conducting clinical subspecialty research (80% research and 20% clinical). To ensure adequate internal medicine residency training time, we enrich the internal medicine rotations for more rigorous, direct patient care months at the expense of elective rotations, as mandated by the ABIM.

The program is geared toward applicants who are planning an academic career. While prior scholarship is desired, we also recognize that the path towards an academic career is not always straight forward (and accordingly have other programs for those interested in an academic career including the IMSTAR program). Once in training, the PSTP allows for ample flexibility that lets us tailor the educational, research and clinical experiences in order to ensure each individual’s academic success.

Trainees have the option of selecting their fellowship specialty within Internal Medicine at any stage between the interview and the start of their PGY2 year. Furthermore, they have broad opportunity to select mentors from Department of Internal Medicine faculty with active research programs and track records of training experience, productivity and research excellence. This research time is not only fully supported at the Department level, we have also added financial support to ensure that our fellows have ample protection and support during the research portion of their training regardless of the laboratory that they have selected. Interviews for this program include tailored visits with potential mentors and subspecialty programs geared toward the interests of the trainee.

We have qualified and enthusiastic mentors available in Immunology, Allergy and Rheumatology; Infectious Diseases; Hematology Oncology; Pulmonary; Nephrology; Cardiology; Gastroenterology and Endocrinology.

Although we require no formal coursework, trainees may choose from an extensive menu of departmental courses and seminars targeted to physicians interested in research careers as well as graduate courses offered through the University of Cincinnati.

The Director of the program is Jack Rubinstein, MD, FACC. Dr. Rubinstein is an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiovascular Diseases as well as Director of the Clinical Research Unit at the VA Medical Center in Cincinnati. He has NIH/AHA/VA funding to conduct basic, translational and clinical cardiovascular science research. He provides active planning, mentorship and support from residency through fellowship in order to foster clinical and research excellence.

We typically select one to two candidates per year. Please click here to see information about our current PSTP participants.

Jack Rubinstein, MD FACC
Program Director

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