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FCC Staff

Susan PinneySusan M. Pinney, PhD
Director, Fernald Community Cohort
Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences
College of Medicine
Director, Center for Environmental Genetic
Dr. Susan Pinney is an environmental epidemiologist who has been involved with the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program since 1991.  Her primary responsibility was to ensure that all of the information collected was accurate and in the format necessary to conduct research. To accomplish this goal, Dr. Pinney wrote questionnaire items, reviewed the design of data collection forms, collaborated on the design of the computer database, and performed quality assurance on the data collected by the program.  As a professor in the Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences at the College of Medicine, Dr. Pinney conducts research studies on the health effects of environmental exposures to human populations, with a primary interest in cancer and reproductive epidemiology. When the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program ended the clinical examination program, the University of Cincinnati entered into an agreement with the Fernald Trustees and Class to become the custodian of the Fernald database and biospecimens.  Dr. Pinney was chosen to become the Research Director of the Fernald Community Cohort with the responsibility to oversee and continue the research efforts using the Fernald resources.

Jeanette BuckholzJeanette Buckholz, RN, MSN
Jr. Research Associate
Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences
Ms. Buckholz is the Research Coordinator of the Fernald Community Cohort and is responsible for responding to requests for information about data and biospecimens of the Fernald Community Cohort (FCC), coordinating the application process, and distributing data and biospecimens from the FCC. She assists with communicating research findings to the cohort, plans FCC Advisory Committee meetings, and provides medical records for review by interested researchers. Ms. Buckholz has extensive experience in the collection and processing of biospecimens and collection of clinical data for epidemiology studies.  Ms. Buckholz was the Program Coordinator for the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program from 1999-2009. Her responsibilities included overseeing the operation of the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program and coordination of services to provide quality care to participants. During that time, she worked closely with Dr. Pinney to assure that information collected was research quality. 

Changchun XieChangchun Xie, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences

Dr. Xie is responsible for the data management and biostatistical analysis for studies using the Fernald Community database and biospecimens.  He works closely with Dr. Susan Pinney on studies that have been approved by the Fernald Community Cohort advisory Committee to use the Fernald resources. Dr. Xie is a biostatistician with experience in clinical trials, epidemiology and statistical genetics. He has been an editorial board member of American Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics and a reviewer for 8 statistical/medical/genetic Journals. Interest areas include hierarchical generalized linear models, frailty models (in survival analysis), multiple testing, meta analysis, nonparametric, longitudinal data, cluster analysis and multivariate statistical analysis.

Photo of Kylie BrownKylie Brown
Research Assistant
Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences
MS. Brown's responsibilities with the Fernald Community Cohort support the activities involved in the distribution of information and biospecimens to approved researchers. She searches for current contact information, assists Ms Buckholz in preparing releases to obtain pathology reports, death certificates, and tissue blocks of participant. She is a member of the team that retrieves biospecimens from -80 storage freezers.

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