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FCC Examination Protocol and Forms

Upon entry to the FMMP all participants received a thorough medical examination and diagnostic tests including chest x-ray, electrocardiogram, and pulmonary spirometry; mammograms and cervical pap smears for female participants. Examinations were conducted by Board-certified physicians at clinical facilities in the Medical Arts Building adjacent to the Mercy Fairfield Hospital, the hospital serving most of the community. Mammograms and chest x-rays were obtained at the Mercy Fairfield Hospital, but read by University of Cincinnati faculty members Board-certified in Radiology. Laboratory tests included the usual series for hematology, chemistry and lipid profile of blood serum, and urinalysis, conducted with each examination. The laboratory analyses were originally done by the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Department of Laboratory Medicine and later by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center clinical laboratory. At conclusion of the examination physicians recorded any new medical diagnoses apparent at the time of the examination, as well as diagnostic uncertainties requiring further diagnostic testing. Participants were sent a letter describing the findings of the examination, and the physician’s recommendations for further testing and health risk reduction. Copies of all documents related to the examination were sent to the participant and also to their personal physician, if requested. 

Evaluation Card

Below are various documents (click on the name to access the pdf file) that describe the medical monitoring program in more detail, and provide examples of forms used to record the data and to communicate the exam findings to the study participant. 

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