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CEC Collaborates with the Museum Center to offer Kid-friendly Environmental Health Camps

This summer the Community Engagement Core (CEC) will host two weeks of Environmental Health camps for children in grades 5-6 at the Museum Center. The CEC, a division of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) funded, Center for Environmental Genetics (CEG), collaborated with the Museum Center to offer fun and creative lessons to teach children about lead contamination, air pollution, water contamination, and food contamination. A few highlights from the June camp session include children building air sensors, being food borne illness detectives, and creating a basic version of the first few steps of the Greater Cincinnati Water Works filtration process. The camps were facilitated by CEC Co-leader Dr. Michelle Burbage and CEC coordinator Amy Itescu. Activities were led by MPH, Epidemiology, and COM students. 


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