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Public Health Week 2022

Public Health Week 2022

April 4-8, 2022 was Public Health Week. Our Delta Omega chapter, Gamma Rho, coordinated a very engaging week of activities, including a panel, a bake sale and a seminar speaker. This year’s focus was on women’s health. The April 4th panel, comprised of Dr. Katherine Powers, Ms. Meghan Nowland, and Ms. Andrea Holtman, was focused on substance abuse, perinatal care, and midwifery. Gamma Rho leadership held a bake sale on April 5th to raise funds but also raise awareness with material from Planned Parenthood. The seminar on April 6th was given by Dr. Nichole Nidey, a researcher at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Her lecture was entitled ‘Perinatal Substance Use: Methods to Expand Our Understanding of Substance Use Around Timing of Pregnancy. Gamma Rho is to be commended for organizing an excellent series of events during public health week and raising awareness of women’s health issues.

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