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Program Activities

You will see a number of pictures of our students at defense receptions, student luncheons, recruitment weekend and career's day. We welcome you to ask our graduate students anything you want to know about our program, life as a graduate student, living in Cincinnati or any other question you might have.  

Student Luncheons 

Our student luncheons are designed to update our students on progress within the program and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. These meetings allow for student interaction as well as questions to our Director, Mark Baccei, PhD, and our Associate Director Renu Sah, PhD.

Student and Faculty Retreat 

Faculty members participate in a "data blitz" describing the changes in neuroscience since their involvement. The retreat will include both students and faculty, and normally includes an overnight stay.

Career Symposium

A Career Symposium is held each year for our students and postdoctoral fellows that consists of speakers from the following fields: academic track, industry track, four-year college track, biotech track and the post-doctoral experience. Students have the opportunity to meet with the speakers. This allows for questions from the students and personal interaction from the PhDs. The day normally concludes with a social hour.

Recruitment Weekend 

Every year in February, the Admissions Committee invites qualified applicants to join us for our recruitment weekend. The applicants arrive on Thursday night and our graduate students pick them up at the airport and everyone meets for dinner.

The candidates have faculty interviews all day on Friday and then join our students and faculty for a reception in the evening.

On Saturday morning, the candidates view a data blitz by our faculty and a poster session presented by our students. Saturday afternoon consists of lab demos and lab meetings. Saturday evening is a planned social event just between the candidates and the graduate students.

The candidates have the opportunity to ask questions about the program and the graduate students have the opportunity to socialize with their potential fellow classmates.

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