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Mark A Snowdon Memorial Award

The Mark A Snowdon Memorial Award was established in 1987 to honor the outstanding academic achievements of master's students in physiology at the University of Cincinnati. The award is given annually to one, or shared by two, outstanding students who best exemplify the ideals and excellence exhibited by Mark, thus emulating his accomplishments.

Mark was an aspiring medical student enrolled in the master's program at the University of Cincinnati. In 1987 he was returning from an interview at the Hershey Medical Center when he was involved in a tragic automobile accident and died the next day from his injuries. The University of Cincinnati recognized Mark's efforts by awarding him the master of science degree posthumously. Read the Snowdon biography

A plaque mounted in the department is engraved with the year and names of the following awardees:

1988Wen-Maw Hwang
1989Legun Cao and Michael Helmrath
1990Karl Bertram
1991Sarah Folzenlogen
1992J Christopher Leidli
2006–07Matthew Glastein and Brian Oloizia
2007–08Jenna Klotz and Aaron Seitz
2008–09Patrick Knight and Amit Patel
2009–10Christopher Kim and Jerry Kwong
2010–11Deborah Jiang and Stephen Shamp
2011–12Richard Hegarty and Ankur Mehar
2012–13Anas Jawaid and Johan Forslund
2013–14Steven Chen and Gabriel Pham
2014–15Austin Jiang and Woo Yang
2015–16John Moon and Zachary Porter
2016–17Montana Osler and Keiran Ryan
2017–18Shayan Farahani and Kara Farnes
2018–19Charley Cui and Kristin Lam
2019-20Samuel Cohler and Anthony Sara
2020-21John Velasquez, Patrick Wilkerson, and Bangyan (Peter) Xiong
2021-22Kevin Chang and Brian Lam
2022-23Kathryn Donohoe, Arrian Iraniha, and Kyle Mousa


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