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Stephen Trisno

MSTP Student, Stephen Trisno, Has Work Featured in National Geographic!

Congratulations to Stephen Trisno and his PI James Wells, PhD, on the first human esophagus organoid grown entirely from pluripotent stem cells (PSCs)!

The project was led by James Wells, PhD, senior author, and first author Stephen Trisno. Other CCHMC scientists on the project included Katherine Philo, Emily Catá, Sonya Ruiz-Torres, Scott Rankin, Lu Han, Talia Nasr, Praneet Chaturvedi, Marc Rothenberg, MD, PhD, Susanne Wells, PhD, and Aaron Zorn, PhD.

Dr. Wells said, “In addition to being a new model to study birth defects like esophageal atresia, the organoids can be used to study diseases like eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) and Barrett’s metaplasia, or to bioengineer genetically matched esophageal tissue for individual patients.”

Click here to read the National Geographic article.

Click here & here to read CCHMC articles on Esophageal Organoids.

(The above text are excerpts from the originally published story in the Cincinnati Children's Hospital "Perinatal Institute Newsletter," dated March 2020.)

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