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Student Funding

Trainee Funding

The MSTP pays the cost of four years of tuition and fees; it also provides health insurance and a stipend which has steadily increased with the cost of living. The current annual stipend is $38,000 for the 1st and 2nd years of medical school -- and it is $40,000 during the 3rd and 4th years of medical school.

This level of support coupled with the relatively low cost of living in Cincinnati allows our program to provide highly competitive compensation compared to other fully funded MD/PhD programs. These stipend increases are applied to all current MSTP students in their physician training years. Stipends during the graduate study years are handled through the student's PhD program.

Individual Fellowship Awards

All students are encouraged to apply for Individual Funding Grants (F30, F31, American Heart Association, etc). University of Cincinnati MSTP students have been very successful in receiving Individual Fellowship Awards through the NIH with an overall success rate of nearly 45% as compared with the national average of 35%. Our students receive grant writing training during our professional development retreats, and from the Student Governing Council. Students who apply for and receive outside awards (such as individual NIH or AHA grants, etc.) may receive a higher stipend.

Yates Fellowship Program

The mission of the Yates Fellowship Program at the University of Cincinnati is to enrich the educational environment for all graduate students by supporting the recruitment and retention of underrepresented minority groups who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents with high potential for academic success to graduate programs at the University of Cincinnati. Applicants should be sure to identify their eligibility to their program. Application portfolios must be completed as early as possible in order for the applicant's program to evaluate their eligibility. Learn more about the Yates Fellowship Program

Provost Award

The UC Graduate School proudly introduces the Provost Graduate Fellowships (PGF): grants for promising new PhD students whose presence diversifies our institution and the academy. Generously funded by Provost Davenport, these new awards signify the commitment of UC’s leadership in making graduate education mirror the demographics of American society. Increasing the share of underrepresented ethnic or racial minorities as recipients of doctoral degrees diversifies the Graduate School and our pipeline of future academic talent. Learn more about the Provost Graduate Fellowships

Graduate Dean’s Excellence Scholarship

The mission of the Graduate Dean’s Excellence Scholarship is to enrich the educational environment for all graduate students at the University of Cincinnati through encouraging a greater diversity of ideas, cultures and people at the university. The scholarship has a high priority to support diversity in graduate programs through the recruitment of U.S. citizens or permanent residents with high potential for academic success in UC doctoral programs. This new incentive award program provides a one-time supplemental scholarship award to students beginning a doctoral program at the University of Cincinnati. Learn more about the Graduate Dean’s Excellence Scholarship

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