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2019 M1-white-coat-ceremony

2019 UC College of Medicine M1 White Coat Ceremony

2019 M1 white-coat-ceremony

The MSTP’s M1 class took part in the UC College of Medicine’s 2019 M1 White Coat Ceremony. The traditional cloaking of the white coat – the mantle of the medical professional – marks the students’ official entrance into medical school.  It also symbolically marks the responsibility placed on each student’s shoulders to carry out the noble tradition of being a physician and practicing medicine with confidence and compassion.

(Photo: MSTP M1 students from left to right, starting in the front row – Arya Dahal, Judy Yoo, Alyssa Solano, Alexander Katko, Bianca Ruffolo, Amber Sogge, Alexander Sprague, Kathrynne Warrick, Edward Farrow, Austin Drake, Vivien Sauer, Keisuke Sawada, Kieran Phelan, Simon Han)

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