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Spine Surgery Division

GuancialeThe Division of Spine Surgery addresses trauma related and non-trauma related spine pathology. 

During rotations at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where spine trauma call is every other day, the resident will encounter and manage traumatic spine injuries, from the cervical to sacral elements. There is close coordination with the general surgery trauma service as well as the neuroanesthesia and neurosurgery departments. 

Resident education includes review of all spine injuries at weekly trauma rounds and fracture conference as well as review of more specific injuries at the monthly spine conference.

The non-traumatic pathology includes adults whose spine-related ailments range from disc pathology, degenerative spondylosis and scoliosis, spinal instability, spinal stenos is, and ontological spine pathology. Operative techniques include microscopic procedures, decompress disentomb, fusions, and instrumentation. 

A weekly staff-resident spine clinic includes didactic teaching, initial assessment, radiographic evaluation, and subsequent treatment. Regular surgical labs cover operative techniques including hands-on instrumentation procedures involving cadaveric specimens or saw bone workstations. 

Research opportunities exist in experimental surgical techniques and spine pathology.

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