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The UC Health division of maternal fetal medicine is committed to providing excellent care from a dedicated team utilizing the latest evidence and cutting-edge technologies.

Innovation in the care of women and their babies finds its foundation in the research into the common and uncommon problems faced in pregnancy.

Our division is actively involved in research designed to find processes to improve outcomes.

Clinically our team is composed of physicians,advanced practice nurses and a wealth of affiliated care providers allowing a multifaceted approach to the provision of care. The goal is for the family to have the reassurance that they are never simply a case but rather a respected member of the team striving for the best possible outcome.

We have access to the latest ultrasound technology including fetal echocardiography and 4D ultrasound allowing an unprecedented view into the womb. When necessary, diagnostic testing such as CVS and amniocentesis are available for the early diagnosis of genetic conditions.

We realize that invasive testing comes with the potential risk of pregnancy loss and therefore rely heavily on screening techniques that allow us to individualize patient based risk. Protocols such as first trimester aneuploidy screening and fetal MCA Doppler analysis have allowed our team to assess fetal status while at the same time reducing the overall need for invasive testing.

When necessary, our team of experienced fetal physicians have at their disposal procedures including percutaneous blood sampling (PUBS), intrauterine fetal transfusion, fetal shunt procedures and the full range of operative options through our partnership with the Fetal Care Center of Cincinnati at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

The last decade has seen a significant increase in the number of pregnancies complicated by additional medical comorbidities. Our Diabetes in Pregnancy Program (DAPP) has led the regional charge to improve outcomes from this common condition. Through the use of a multidisciplinary approach, our patients have the opportunity to see reductions in the incidence of large babies, pre-eclampsia and a number of other complications.

Our team has championed the use of new technology including continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS), the insulin pump and novel medicines to achieve tight glycemic control. We also work closely with the infectious disease team for the management of pregnancies complicated by HIV and the heart failure team for pregnancies complicated by cardiac dysfunction.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the care provided by the MFM team is the realization that the delivery process is an incredibly special and personal event. As a result we are committed to seeing patients as close to their home as possible.

We work in a co-management arrangement whenever possible so that they remain in contact with and are delivered by the physicians they know best, their private doctor.

We have offices in a number of community sites to accomplish this goal. Additionally, when available we have access to the latest telemedicine technology so that even patients outside the Cincinnati area have access to our expertise.

In summary, it is our mission to provide women of the southwestern Ohio region the highest technological expertise while maintaining a personal relationship.

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