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Photo of Laura Ngwenya, MD, PhD

Laura Ngwenya, MD, PhD

Asst Professor - Clin

COM Neurosurgery Ngwenya Lab

  • Bachelor's Degree: Rutgers University
  • Doctor of Philosophy: Boston University
  • Medical Degree: Boston University
  • Neurological Surgery Residency: The Ohio State University
  • Neurotrauma and Neurocritical Care Fellowship: University of California San Francisco
Board Certifications & Licenses

American Board of Neurological Surgery (Certification Date: 11/02/2019)

Clinical Interest



Neurological Surgery

Research Interests

Neurotrauma, Traumatic brain injury, Spinal injury, General Neurosurgery

Dr. Ngwenya has a research interest in traumatic brain injury. Her clinical research involves identifying subsets of traumatic brain injured patients for ...

Contact Information
  • Medical Sciences Building
  • 231 Albert Sabin Way
  • Room 5251
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 45267
  • Office 513-558-0434
  • Email

Peer Reviewed Publications

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