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Our Team

Core clinical research team members include Debra Breneman MD, Principal Investigator; Alan Fleischer, MD, Principal Investigator; Anne Housholder, MD, Sub-Investigator; Kathryn Baquerizo, MD, Sub-Investigator; Rachel Johnson, MD, Sub-Investigator; Ana Luisa Kadekaro, PhD, Clinical Trials Manager. Our team is highly trained in conducting clinical trials. Of paramount importance is the safety of our participants, and safety is monitored closely throughout clinical trials. We also love conducting clinical trials, and particularly we enjoy the opportunities this gives us to meet new people, and to get to know others better, over the duration of the trials.


Debra Breneman MD

Principal Investigator

Adjunct Professor, Dermatology

Alan Fleischer

Alan Fleischer, MD

Principal Investigator

Professor, Dermatology

Ana-Luisa Kadekaro

Ana Luisa Kadekaro, PhD

Clinical Trials Manager

Assistant Professor, Dermatology

Anne Housholder

Anne Housholder, MD


Assistant Professor, Dermatology

Katherine Baquerizo-Nole

Katherine Baquerizo Nole, MD


Assistant Professor, Dermatology

Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson, MD


Assistant Professor, Dermatology

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