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The UC Department of Dermatology has an active investigative program in basic science dermatologic research. Historically research has focused on the biology of the melanocyte in health and disease. Research faculty members in the Department have established multi-disciplinary collaborations with faculty members who are interested in skin science from various departments at UC, as well as other academic institutions. Partnership with industry has also been an important component of the basic research activities, with long-term collaborative projects.

As part of the academic mission graduate, undergraduate and medical students are actively involved in the research program. Undergraduate and medical students usually join the research labs during summer internship when they receive training in basic research skills, and are encouraged to plan and design experiments based on specific study hypothesis. Graduate students are typically from basic science departments in both the College of Medicine and the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy, and follow the curriculum of their own departments while performing research in the UC Department of Dermatology. The program attracts international visiting scientists and students.

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